Qualcomm loses “large customer”, could be Samsung

It's only January but Qualcomm is already done with the quarter of fiscal 2015. The company was proud to announce a strong quarter with record quarterly revenues. The numbers look good despite facing patent infringement lawsuits by NVIDIA the previous quarter. However, the chip maker is said to be lowering its revenue outlook for the semiconductor business and EPS expectations for the 2nd half of fiscal year. Why do that when the first quarter achieved record revenues?

HTC One M8 (Europe), Galaxy Note 3 (Russia) now get Anrdoid 5.0 Lollipop

For some smartphone users, the wait has been long and arduous, and challenging, but is now almost finally over. We're talking about the (very) gradual roll-out of the much awaited Android 5.0 Lollipop. Google and the various OEMs have been trying to perfect the update probably, and so it's taking them some time. For owners of the HTC One M8 in Europe, and for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the good news has finally arrived and their devices will be Lollipop-ized in the next few days (if not already).

Meizu unveils Meilan m1, new m1 Note variant, LifeKit platform

Meizu made quite a splash yesterday when it unveiled not one but three new products. Well, two and a half to be precise, as one is just a different variant. That variant is the new Meilan m1 Note for China Telecom, this time bearing a Snapdragon 615 instead of a MediaTek. Completely new, however, is its smaller sibling, the Meilan m1, with a 5-inch screen instead of the larger 5.5. And last but not the least, Meizu is expanding into your homes with a new LifeKit platform for smart appliances.

JotterPad 11 is a writer’s delight, save work in multiple formats

As a writer, finding the correct writing apps for your Android device can be quite a daunting -- if not impossible -- task, just because devices are not built with writing (typing) in mind. There are those that go over-the-top and take the joy out of the writing experience completely. Then there are those that are too minimalist you don’t seem to be able to do anything at all. Thankfully, for all you writers-on-the-go out there, there’s the wonderfully blissful JotterPad 11, the latest iteration of the mobile text editor for Android.

Device automation made easy with Droid Automation, MacroDroid

One of the nice things about tweaking your Android device is the possibility of a very high level of automation – this is because one can actually put your device’s sensors to task and depending on any combination of circumstances, automation apps can ask the operating system to automatically apply specific profiles and settings. We look at two of those automation apps in Droid Automation and MacroDroid.

Classic arcade game Q*bert now rebooted for Android

Arcade game nostalgia has been on an all-time high when a few months ago, some websites published beloved classic games that you could play on your desktop browser. Then some developers updated several retro games for mobile use as well. Another one of those best-selling and popular game from the 80s is making its way to your Android devices, and while it's the game that you're familiar with, it also comes with a reboot.

SWApp Launcher Wear allows you to launch apps on your smartwatch

Having fun with your wearable yet? Not many Android phone users already have a compatible smartwatch. The swartwatch era has just started but it certainly has the potential to become bigger. There's still so much to improve on the small interface and functionality but one thing we're certain about: the smartwatch is very useful. Instead of bringing your bulky phone if you're going for a quick run or walk around the neighborhood, you can just wear a smartwatch and receive notifications for the important items you need--SMS, calls, and more. And since launcher apps on Android are becoming more popular, launcher apps for Android Wear also make sense.

Journal with Narrate update: Material Design, new sharing features

Journaling isn't just the property of famous people, high school students who are forced to do so as homework, or lonely people who cannot keep their emotions in check. It has become a tool for self-improvement, a creative outlet for some, or just a way for people to talk about things without having to post them on social media for all the world to see. And while writing on an actual journal is still the way to go for some, apps have also invaded this world as well.

Ideum Duet smart table now running both Android and Windows 8

No wonder it’s named the Duet. Smart table-maker Ideum has rolled out a new genius of a living room showpiece, and the really cool thing about it is that the new Duet multi-touch coffee table runs on both Android and Windows 8. Yes, you heard that right -- it's a coffee table, aaaand it's also a table-top computer that runs Microsoft's latest OS plus Android on a separate system. Pretty nifty.

Pushbullet now available for Mac, iOS, and Safari–ready to use with your Android app

We all know how useful the Pushbullet app is but it's not available for every device just yet. The Pushbullet development team has been busy working on new versions and updates to bring the app to more people all over the world. Last month, the Windows version was updated to make sending SMS easier. Before that, more interesting updates have been added to the Android app as well: Quick action support, Universal Copy and Paste, Material Design and improved navigation, subscribing to Channels, Play Store program, and Notification Mirroring among others. When it comes to crossing-over different platforms, Pushbullet is trying it's very best to reach Apple and looks like it's gonna be successful soon.
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