Apple former CEO John Sculley intros low-cost Android smartphones

Because the world will never get enough of new gadgets, it's time for phone makers to come up with unique design or cool features if they want to thrive in an industry that's already saturated. But of course, there are still those who know what geeks really want and how much there are willing to pay, being geeks themselves, like Ammunition who has recently announced the Obi Worldphone. The world phone reference makes it seem like a premium smartphone that can be used anywhere in the world and this one is indeed something you can show off, what with the high-end technologies from Google, Dolby, Sony, Samsung, Qualcomm, Mediatek, Japan Display, and Corning all integrated inside.

NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV console now available at the Play Store

Starting today, graphics and device manufacturer NVIDIA have announced that North American customers can now purchase their NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV directly from the Google Play Store. It took a while for what is currently the world’s most powerful Android device in the market to get to Google’s online portal, but it’s there now.

YouTube Gaming is a meta-channel for gamers, and an app too

YouTube is now launching a dedicated meta channel – that is, a collection of channels – that is all about gaming and gamers. It’s called “YouTube Gaming” and it features over 25,000 game-related pages which include device manufacturers, gaming accessory makers, and game developers. It will also include the even more numerous gaming-related channels in YouTube.

Amazon releases updated shopping app, now calls it Underground

Amazon has recently introduced a new shopping app for Android. Amazon Underground lets you do your shopping for apps and games for free. By free we mean the apps offered are complete with all the premium features. No need to pay extra for in-app items because the titles included are free versions of popular paid apps like 'Goat Simulator', 'OfficeSuite Professional 8', 'PhotoSuite 4', 'Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions', 'Frozen Free Fall', 'Looney Tunes Dash!', and 'Angry Birds Slingshot' among others.

45 more countries now have Google Map Maker back

Three months after Google decided to temporarily shut down their Map Maker tool because of some users that abused the features, the tech giant has finally announced that they are bringing it back online in 45 more countries, including the US. Two weeks ago, 6 countries were given back this privilege and after some fine-tuning, Google is now opening up Map Maker, but with a few changes to try and ensure the incidents don’t happen again.

TuneIn Radio now offers premium service for $7.99 a month 

Monetizing on free music or radio streaming services has always been a tricky point with consumers and the services themselves. While of course people would want to choose the free version over a paid one, the trick is to offer something premium and attractive to convince people to switch to a subscription service. TuneIn Radio, which brings you not just music but podcasts and radio programs as well, is offering a new Premium Service for its users and sports fans in particular may be happy.

App in Google Play Store carries Certifi-gate vulnerability

We still haven’t fully recovered from the fright that Stagefright has given us, when news of another vulnerability called Certifi-gate was revealed by CheckPoint three weeks ago. Now, apparently an app (which of course has since then been shut down) was able to bypass Google’s security measures and got published on the Google Play Store, containing this infection. Recordable Activator is the app, and it apparently was able to use a plugin from TeamViewer that’s why it was able to get past Google.

Link Bubble Browser goes from premium to free

Earlier this month, we noted that Link Bubble and TapPath were acquired by another startup from independent developer Chris Lacy. His apps became successful beyond his expectations and since he didn't have enough resources and manpower, he decided to sell it off to an unknown American company. But looks like we have a name now as a certain Brian Bondy announced in his page the availability of Link Bubble Browser--for free!

AUO announces new displays for smartphones,wearables,touch solutions

It’s not just OEMs that are busy announcing their brand new smartphones, tablets, wearables, etc. Even the folks behind some of the components of those gadgets are also unveiling their new products and offerings, so that maybe next year, they will also appear on the newest devices that will be announced. One such company is AU Optronics Corp or AUO, who announced all their newest display offerings for various kinds of consumer gadgets, including smartphones, wearables and touch solutions for styluses.
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