Challenge your brain and fingers with Shibuya Grandmaster 

There are games that when you first see and play them, you instinctively know how to play them, either because the mechanics are so familiar, or there are tons of other games like it in the market. And then every once in a while, you come across one that is unique, easy to play but difficult to master, and your brain and fingers just itch to accept the challenge. Shibuya Grandmaster may be one of those games and the arcade puzzler is now available on your Android devices.

Get your stardust back with DOT Space Hero, now on Android

You do not get between a boy and his stardust. That is the lesson that the enemies will eventually understand in this side-scrolling game called DOT Space Hero, now available on Android devices. While the controls and gameplay for this may not be that perfect, what it lacks there is more than made up by the beautiful graphics and children’s story book charm that exudes from this game. Still, the flaws doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a fun game to play, especially if you like the classic side scrollers.

Save Red Riding Hood from the Big Bad Wolf in A Day in the Woods

We’ve seen a lot of versions of the story of the girl wearing a red hood trying to escape from a wolf intent on gobbling her up, from fairy tales to movies to musicals to graphic novels, and even to a few guestings on TV series. We’ve also seen a few mobile games around, but A Day in the Woods may be the least scary but most stylish and most interesting, if you’re into puzzle games and things like that.

NUU Z8 Android 5.0-Lollipop powered phone is a worthy newcomer

You may not be familiar with NUU Mobile but that's fine. I don't know the brand either but the company isn't really interested in making it big in the United States. No, it has no plans of beating big names like Apple, Samsung, or other Chinese phone manufacturers out there. NUU is content in making unlocked phones and releasing them in the country and making them ready-for-purchase from various networks like T-Mobile, Cricket Wireless, MetroPCS, or AT&T. NUU's goal is to reach more people as possible by being widely available and ready for quick use.

Google Play Movies, Newsstand (paid) rolls out in more countries

While all countries where Android devices are present have Google Play Store available as well, paid content is not accessible to all these countries. But Google is doing their best to slowly expand their reach, working out the kinks and issues that prevent them from making paid content like Music, Movies, Books, etc available in all territories. Yesterday, they announced that three more countries are getting Google Play Movies while four new countries will be able to buy paid content on Google Newsstand.

Google’s new features help developers manage search ads on Play Store

Discoverability on the Google Play Store can sometimes be a pain, especially if your app is similar to or in competition with a lot of other apps. A few months ago, Google gave several developers and app makers the ability to run ads on the search results page in the Play Store itself. And now, they are expanding this with the new Search Ads on Google Play program that will allow more developers and advertisers to run ad campaigns on the store itself and the search results.

Stop hackers with Sticky Password Premium [DEALS]

Get quick and secure access to all your online accounts with a lifetime subscription to Sticky Password Premium, 50% off until this Saturday at Android Community Deals. Most people conduct a great deal of their daily business online. They bank, buy goods and services, and communicate with others around the globe. For each of these activities, users are required to log in to a website with a password which, for the sake of security, is becoming necessarily complex.

DU Speed Booster review: A performance Swiss army knife

Most smartphones these days are behemoths of power, almost as powerful as micro PCs in a pocket-sized form. While all that power is available at our fingertips, quite literally, however, that doesn't mean that our smartphones are running at maximum efficiency. In fact, many apps simply presume that they have full access to all CPU, memory, and storage. Multiply that by the number of apps you have installed and you get a sordid mess of performance black holes. Now, Baidu has come up with DU Speed Booster in a bid to clean all that up. We tried it out to see how well it works.
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