Imgur update brings back image search, faster GIF loading

While Instagram may have cornered the market in sharing artsy pics of your food, travels, selfies, etc and 9Gag may be the go to app for the ridiculous, somewhere in between is room for other photo sharing apps. One of them is Imgur, and the Android app has received a minor update, bringing back the all-important image search, as well as allowing GIFs to load faster, “regardless of how you pronounce the word”, as the Imgur team puts it.

Android TV adds more channels, shows, partners to its roster

All your favorite TV shows are slowly coming back as Fall TV has officially begun. And that means that your Android TV will be seeing even more action over the next few months as you stream the shows you want to watch, when you want to watch them. They are adding even more shows and channels that you can choose from, as well as other OEMs are also joining the whole Android TV eco-system.

Be the ruler of the seven seas in Pirate Empire, now out on Android

There really is something about piracy that appeals to the inner, adventurous criminal in us, don’t you think? Wait, we’re not talking about pirating movies or music here (although that does have appeal to some quarters) but actual conquering the sea and taking over boats kind of piracy, in the tradition of Pirates of the Caribbean and the likes. A new game on Android called Pirate Empire lets you live out your inner “aaaarrrr” on your smartphone or tablet.

Drayson Tech launches Freevolt energy harvesting technology

Drayson Technologies has just introduced a new technology that will make "going green" easier than ever. A new revolutionary energy harvesting technology was developed that is said to provide "Perpetual Power for Low Energy Internet of Things (LE-IoT) devices". This one impresses by converting ambient radio frequency waves into real, usable electricity for low power electronic devices.

iRig Keys family can now be used on Android devices too

If you’re a fan of the whole IK Multimedia family of musical tools, specifically the iRig Keys line of midi keyboards but you couldn’t use them before because you had Android devices, then we have good news for you. The mobile keyboards can now be connected to your Android smartphone or tablet because they now come with microUSB to OTG cables. And if you previously bought either the iRig Keys or iRig Keys Pro, you’ll still be able to get the connectors for free.

New LG V10 smartphone coming soon from top US mobile carriers

LG wowed us yesterday with a new smartphone. We were expecting either a G4 Note or a G4 Pro but the company announced the V10. As the first of the V Series phones, this V10 is one durable unit made of high-grade stainless steel material and covered by silicone. Our hands-on feature made us realize that it's a great smartphone for busy travelers. The second screen, an inset display, allows more productivity to the device.

ITV video streaming now available on Amazon Fire TV

Because you can never have too many video streaming services on your devices, British broadcaster ITV recently announced that they now have an ITV Player app available for Amazon Fire TV. This means that owners of the set-top box will be able to have access to all the channels and shows that are being shown on the ITV networks in the UK. And the best part is that you can watch only the shows you want to and at your own convenience as well.
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