Never lose stuff again when you attach Tile Bluetooth tracker

Just a little over two years ago, the Tile Bluetooth tracker was introduced to the market, allowing consumers to keep track of important things like expensive umbrellas, bags, gadgets simply by attaching the tiny device to them. Now the makers believe it’s about time to release a second generation version, with some hardware improvements, as well as new features to help keep track of your belongings, including the all-important mobile phone.

ZUK and Cyanogen make partnership official

Cyanogen recently claimed that it has more users than BlackBerry and Windows Mobile combined and with more than 50 million users now. We're a bit skeptical about this claim for many reasons but looks like the company is determined to make it really big in the tech industry. After officially partnering with Micromax in India and with Microsoft with a more solid “strategic partnership” for Android devices, we're learning that Cyanogen has also made its partnership with ZUK official.

Google adds interactive watch faces to latest Android Wear update

Android Wear recently received a new update that brings interactive watch faces to smartwatches. Not that such feature hasn't been available through various apps but it's now native on Android Wear. This means you only need to set a new animated watch face on the settings to have a moving image on the background you can even interact with.

Drag and drop links to Dropbox in latest update

How we save and organize the links we want to save (in order to not have a hundred windows open on your web browser) has evolved the past years. We started out with saving said links in your notepad or a word doc, then bookmarking became a thing, and then finally now, we have apps that can help us like Pocket, Flipboard, Zite, etc. Now, Dropbox wants to join in the URL-saving fun as you can now drag and drop links that you want to save and access on all your devices.

Boost Mobile intros new ZTE Warp Elite

ZTE USA has recently announced the arrival of the Warp Elite handset in the country via Boost Mobile. The new smartphone under ZTE's Warp series can now be purchased online for only $179.99. If you're looking for a not so pricey phone yet still have good specs, consider the Warp Elite because it offers a large vivid display, impressive cameras, and a sleek design that doesn't compromise on style.

New HTC flagship to be called the HTC O2, SD820 inside

There have been worrying signs for HTC regarding the sales of their current flagship, the HTC One M9 – mainly, they’re not selling a lot of it. There’s just not enough interest generated for the flagship phone that they released early in the year, and that’s cause for concern financially for the Taiwan-based outfit. This is why rumors of a new, redesigned flagship from HTC came out, possibly to be announced this October, and now they say it will be named the HTC O2.

Speed Test: LG G4 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Brutal drop tests are welcome even if they are heart-breaking to watch because we can still learn a thing or two from them. For those Android fans who are only interested in how fast new smartphones are compared to others, rely on speed tests. As for the Galaxy Note 5, the new premium flagship smartphone was recently compared with the LG G4.

New software update for Galaxy S6, S6 edge brings S6 edge+ features

The Galaxy S6 edge+ and Note 5's launch got the Samsung fans asking if the new features of the two new flagship phones will also be available on the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. We never doubted about the possibility and we knew it was just a matter of time before Samsung makes the features available on the two older devices.

Speedo Shine lets swimmers, well, swim and shine with new wearable

There are a lot of wearables in the market that measure our fitness activities, but usually, they are all-in-ones. Rare is the product that focuses on just one fitness aspect, while also being flexible enough to include the others. Speedo Shine is one such gem, and it puts the spotlight this time on swimmers, as the wearable is “the world’s first activity, swim, and sleep tracker” that was designed specifically for those training or just exercising though water activities.