Get Scrivener 2 for half price [DEALS]

Get the writing app chosen by professionals around the world and save 51% on Scrivener 2, available for either PC or Mac, at Android Community Deals. There’s word processors and then there’s Scrivener 2. Actually, Scrivener 2 is much more than just a word processor. It’s a robust writing app that combines a word processor with a project management tool that makes writing a lot easier than could be done a regular word processor alone. That’s why writing professionals all around the world have made Scrivener 2 their writing app of choice.

Verizon rolls out 4G LTE-enabled Samsung Galaxy Tab E

There are probably hundreds to thousands of models of tablets from different manufacturers all over the world but admit it or not, you trust only a few names. In the Android world, Samsung offers some of the most reliable tablets because of their build, design, and features. Samsung Galaxy Tabs are no doubt the more popular today and Verizon is bringing us the latest Tab E.

New image, specs of HTC One A9 leaked

HTC hasn’t confirmed yet if they will indeed be releasing the One A9, and yet some new images and specs of the rumored device have once again leaked. The new smartphone is expected to be announced at the HTC event on September 29, along with another new one, so we will be able to confirm in a few days if the leaks are reliable. Just yesterday, some blurry images of the supposed device were shown, and now, it’s time for a better view of the hopefully, upcoming smartphone.

FreedomPop now offers free calls and text for UK residents

Free stuff is almost always met with either pure joy or suspicion. So when FreedomPop announced they were offering free calls and messages (with limits of course) to users for the rest of their lives (or at least until the company is alive), then some thought this was heaven sent while some are waiting for the catch. Well so far, they haven’t revealed the catch yet, but what they have announced is that they are extending the free service to UK residents.

Ultimaker app for Android now ready to offer 3D printing solutions

The 3D printing business may still be in its early stages but the technology definitely has potential. It used to be a dream for some geeks but printing your own 3D creation is possible now with a special printer. Sure, such 3D printers may still be enhanced and may even become cheaper someday but while waiting, you can start designing your own creation which you can print on an Ultimaker.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Dream Team now on Android for your football pleasure

Due to the recent start of the new European football season, you can expect mobile games and apps to once again flood the digital market. But of course one developer that a lot of football fans always wait for is EA Sports, and now the wait is over. The FIFA 16 Ultimate Dream Team is now available for Android devices, and it brings with it even more footballing action and now with “console-quality gameplay.”

New Plants vs Zombies 2 update brings the 80s to life (or to death)

It’s time for a new Plants vs Zombies 2 update and for some reason unbeknownst to us, they decided to go back to a decade that most of us would like to escape from: the 80s. It is officially called the Neon Mixtape Tour, Side B, and is of course, like most of their updates, filled with new plants to use as weapons, new zombies to kill with said weapons, new levels to enjoy in case you’ve finished all the previous ones already.