CM 12.1 nightly builds now out for the Xiaomi Mi 3, Mi 4

So you own a Xiaomi device – say last year’s Mi 3 or the current gen Mi 4 – and you would really like to know how the device runs on Android Lollipop. Through official channels – that is, through Xiaomi’s official MIUI software, that’s not going to be possible at the moment. Good thing the guys behind CyanogenMod have now put out nightly CM 12.1 builds for these Xiaomi devices.

Swarm update: leaderboard coins, “Here Now” feature

When Swarm brought back the mayorships feature to the app (which went away when Foursquare and Swarm became two separate apps), the compulsive location-checking mobile users were delighted. Now your competitive nature will receive more blessings as the latest update brings back the leaderboard, but with a golden twist. This new version also makes a few minor changes and adds a few neat features, to make it easier to locate your contacts in a public space.

Amazon Echo now integrated with SmartThings products

When you say that someday you’d like to live in a smart house, do you imagine yourself just sitting down on the couch while everything else around your house works to give you what you need, including a robot that obeys your every wish and command? Okay, there’s no such thing yet that can do all those things (and we say yet, because someday…) but the closest thing that we have right now is this newly-announced integration of Amazon Echo with SmartThings products.

Google testing out food picture-taking feature for Maps

Google may have scraped their supposed foodie photo app Tablescape for some reason or another, but that doesn’t mean they’re giving up on getting something running to satisfy the frustrated food stylist/photographer in all of us. They did promise us that some elements or influence of the closed experiment may make its way to some other future apps. Well, it’s not a future app, but it looks Google Maps is the one they’re integrating it with.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 pried open in a disassembly video

Aside from drop tests, we're not fans of disassembling gadgets because they can be painful too watch. But you know, there are people who won't mind wasting a device or two for the sake of knowing how robust a phone is. After a series of drop tests, we learned that the Note 5 is better than the Galaxy S6 when it comes to surviving such stress tests. It's a well-built phone but you still need a protective case so it won't be easily damaged when dropped.

Defend the empire, unleash a new age of alchemy in “Blood Gate: Age of Alchemy”

The name Blood Gate alone will definitely give you goosebumps. It's a place where heroes like you are needed. There's darkness, gore, magic---madness all over in this legendary town where heroes can be legends. But first, witness the plague of alchemic destruction so you'll understand why you need to open the Blood Gate and start getting rid Black Dahlia's entire empire.

OPPO R5s announced, still very lightweight and slim at 4.85mm

The OPPO R5 was made official October last year and now it has a follow-up in the form of the OPPO R5s. The addition of "s" only means a number of improvements or enhancements to the device that's been tagged as one of the sleekest and slimmest smartphones in the market today. Still measuring 4.85 mm like the R5, the OPPO R5s is better and faster with its 3GB RAM, 1.5 GHz Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor, and 32GB internal storage.

Save your fluffy friends in Blitzcrank’s Poro Roundup arcade game

Enough of those 80's-retro-pixel art games for now. Let's move on to the...well, some 90's arcade style games. This new game from Riot Games will remind you of your teenage years (not childhood) playing arcade games in the mall until you run out of tokens and you've used up all the allowance your parents gave you. Blitzcrank's Poro Roundup is another side-scrolling game that lets you control Blitzcrank so he could save his fluffy poro friends from the villain.