Android flagships may have marginally better cameras than the iPhone 6S

Because the iPhone 6S is now available on retail, a lot of Android mobile camera-heads have taken to comparing the camera sensor of Apple’s latest flagship to the cameras of Android flagships. We are probably not the first to tell you that camera quality is one of the biggest elements that either draws in or turns off people from mobile gadgets like smartphones and phablets. So if you’re interested, some people actually did the comparison for you, and the short version is, you might want to stay with Android.

Google to bring free Internet to 400 train stations across India

It goes without saying that the second most populous nation in the world will also probably have the second most Internet users in the world. But despite having more than 100 million users across the nation, there are still more than a billion people in India that don’t have access to the Internet. Google has recently announced a new project with the Indian government to provide free public Wi-Fi across 400 stations in the country.

Android Pay not coming to rooted devices anytime soon

As Android Pay gains momentum as being the standard for wireless payments on an Android device, a lot of those power users and developers are somehow hoping that they would get a chance to benefit from this convenient payment tool as well. But these power users and tweakers have one thing almost common to them all, they are probably using a rooted Android device, and as we all know, root access is usually the issue why a device is disqualified from secure transactions.

Google Now Launcher update: vertical scrolling, multiple pages

Google Now Launcher has been around for quite some time now, and while some Android users do prefer it, there are also a lot of other launchers out there that could do so much more. A new update is now giving users a preview of what the upcoming Android Marshmallow update will look like, at least for the launcher. It now has vertical scrolling for the apps as well as the capability of making multiple app pages, among other things.

Here’s your chance to get a Galaxy S6 edge for free [DEALS]

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, what's more to say? How about, "Free Samsung Galaxy S6 edge"? Yes, it's that time once more when we try to play Santa and deliver Christmas early to one of our lucky readers. This time, that holiday present will be none other than the Galaxy S6 edge in all its dual curved glory. And best of all, you barely have to do anything except register for the draw, maybe share on social media, and then wish your lucky stars you'll be the chosen one for our Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Giveaway.

Google facing another antitrust case, this time in the US

Majority of the Android community may be grateful to Google for all the products and services that company has introduced or will still announce but admit it or not, not everyone trusts it nor is happy about its huge success all over the world. No doubt about it, Google is the world's biggest search engine and the Android platform dominates the mobile industry in terms of market share, closely followed by Apple's iOS.

YouTube might be launching a bundled service by late October

The days of watching YouTube for free will eventually be over. Okay, not really. But if rumors are to be believed, the subscription service, together with a previously launched music service, will eventually be available as a bundle by the end of next month. Of course the free service will always be there, but if people think their offerings for a paid subscription is worth it, then this is a good way for YouTube and content creators to monetize from the millions of people who visit the site or the app every day.