Motorola unveiled the Moto X smartphone yesterday and as we had learned, the handset is expected to come available with a wide variety of carriers. Motorola did say the price would be $199 for the 16GB model and $249 for the 32GB model, however the carrier specific release dates have yet to be revealed. We are expecting the handset to arrive in late-August, however it looks like US Cellular has since opened up pre-orders.

Those pre-orders have landed with the expected price point and US Cellular has the Moto X available in white and black. Or as Motorola has dubbed the colors; Woven White and Woven Black. The key with the US Cellular availability comes with the storage though and at present the carrier only has the 16GB model showing as available.

That $199.99 price point will apply for current customers looking to upgrade, however there is a bit of good news for new customers and those adding an additional line. For those two options US Cellular will have a $75 “Switcher Bonus” available which brings the price of the phone down to $124.99. Also, for those curious, US Cellular has noted the full retail pricing as being $699.99.


In addition, US Cellular is also included a Motorola Boom Bluetooth headset for those who move forward with a pre-order. That being said, while the price is detailed and the free headset is being included we have yet to see anything specific in terms of a shipping date from the carrier.

In the meantime, we did spend some time with the Moto X yesterday and have both a hands-on post and also an everything you need to know style post that should answer most, if not all of your questions. Of course, those looking to the specs and features will also be able to get all those details from our Moto X announcement post.

SOURCE: US Cellular

  • Charles Sweeney

    $700 for that??? Are they kidding??? Wow…not even funny, they need to stop playing so much.

    • john

      sorry your wrong about the hd…moto x has hd….may not be 1080 but its still 720p hd…built in us has a price hike of course…that phone is the beast of phones now…get past the specs and look at what it does…and how it will make your day easier….and get thorough the day with one charge..1080p screens mean less battery life….get past the specs and see what is really happening with it….if you dont like the price dont buy it…go get a crappy i phone 5 then..oh wait they are $800 for even less and just a plain device…get ready to wear tan and join the blah zombies that are apple users… buying a moto x day one….

  • Charles Sweeney

    Major fail Moto…why would a person (let’s take AT&T for example because they certain exclusives) chose the 16gb model Moto X when they can get a 32gb HTC One at the same price point? Plus, the retail of the HTC One approx 599.99 and numbers don’t lie, 599.99 retail is cheaper than 699.99 retail all day every day. I’m not even going to mention the One has the same screen size but in HD, has a more updated processor and dual front facing speakers…oh wait, I just did mention it. The Moto X is a mid-tier phone at best, I’m not complaining about the specs, but the price doesn’t reflect that and to me that’s a slap in the face to all consumers to price this device the same as a top-tier device, gimmicks and features aside. The Moto X certainly looks like a solid, decent device but a top-tier contender it is not.

    • Duder343434

      Made in USA = Higher costs. Why are people continually too stupid to understand this

  • Moto had better image than that of HTC BUT point is valid that the price is at hike.