This afternoon Google and Motorola have unveiled their latest smartphone, the Moto X. With Google in charge the new Motorola is aiming to offer a pretty compelling handset, and we have all the details. One feature in particular we found quite nice was their new 10 megapixel “clear pixel” cameras shooting and burst mode. This new approach to the camera was worth mentioning, and we didn’t want it to get lost in the flood of Moto X news.

So what’s the big deal? Motorola’s camera interface has already leaked, but we wanted to show you just how awesome it is on video. The 10 megapixel RGBc camera has a clear pixel, allowing for 70% more light. This helps with photos in general, faster shooting, and low-light scenarios. Their new burst mode takes full advantage of it, and you’ll see why below.

Instead of having to manually change and fumble through settings for burst mode with most smartphones, or hold down the shutter button and hear it clicking away multiple photos, Moto took a different approach. Just hold your finger on the screen and it will automatically fire into burst mode, and snap away. How quick the photos are snapped, the quality they still come out at, and the quickness in how the Moto X saves them all is impressive. Take a peek below.

Simply tap the screen for “quick capture” of photos, and their gestures like flipping your wrist twice to launch the camera app are nice. Burst mode is just one of many new features of their 10 megapixel camera. The video also highlights Slow Motion, which works extremely well. The phone shoots in 60 fps, but also at 30 fps and allows for an instant slow motion playback. It’s that easy, it just works. Just for fun here’s a few regular samples too.

the Moto X camera also has an LED flash, 4x digital zoom, burst mode, slow mo, auto HDR, panoramic, and tap to focus features included. Surely we’ll be testing all of this and getting plenty of samples in our full review, so stay tuned!