LG G2x next in line for CyanogenMod 7? I think so [Pics included]

April 11, 2011

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In case you guys didn't know, the latest and greatest release of CyanogenMod 7 was just released tonight, you can read about that here. It has just reached the "stable" milestone so that basically means it is rock solid. For those that are worried about the AT&T-Mobile merger and what phone to get, or are wondering what Android is right for me. I have a clear choice for you, the LG G2x!

There is a few reasons I say that. First off it is an amazing device, with the well known Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor, as well as all the other specs you should know by now. To get more familiar with the phone you can read all about the G2x here. Then there is reports that the LG G2x is dual-band and will fully be supported on T-Mobile AND AT&T both. So if the buy out happens or not, your phone will be good to go.

Here is the kicker, it will be getting the android communities favorite custom firmware, CyanogenMod 7. It comes stock with vanilla Android 2.2 a "Google Experience Device" so you know it will be about as butter smooth as a phone can get. There is also promise of Android 2.3 in the coming months for the G2x, but why wait for the OTA update when you can have Android 2.3 Gingerbread on your shiny new G2x within a week or so of you getting the device. @Kmobs on twitter, a Team Douche member has tweeted a few times that the G2x will be getting CM7 and that it is a work in progress. See the photo's below if you don't believe me.

So in closing I'm going to say that for anyone trying to decide on what device is next for them, or if the G2x is worth the buy? I say absolutely. The HTC Pyramid will be a beast but we don't know if it will be locked down like other recent phones. The G2x is really a winner in almost all area's. It's dual-core, vanilla android, updates will come fast, already rooted and has clockwork recovery, CyanogenMod support, hdmi out, AT&T-Mobile dual-band ready. It is a no brainer really. I think I'll be pre-ordering my own come April 15th. Will you be getting the G2x? Tell us below in the comments, in our forum, or even better, come hang out and "Like" us on Facebook!

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  • Anonymous

    i would love to have one 🙂

  • looooooooooool

  • lol

  • what is so funny

  • what is so funny

  • what is so funny

  • damn, I don’t want to spend a lot of money to replace my nexus one but this phone just keeps torchuring my heart 😐

  • i just hope i can order at midnight on thursday. or else i have to order before i leave for work friday morning. that sucks because i’m the type who’s up and out the door in 20 minutes or less lol. so i’ll leave the pc running overnight incase i can’t order at midnight. and i sure as hell hope they don’t wait till the 20th to ship.

  • Driding369

    I work at radioshack and i. Been desperately waitin for this beast to pop up in my inventory. I been swaped my galaxy vibrant for the galaxy s heard about the g2x, swapped my galaxy for a g2 just so id be able to swap for this phone! It needs to come out already so I can stop drooling over it!

  • rc

    Pics? Here’s a video 🙂

    • Xguntherc

      Thanks for the video

  • Anonymous

    Cyanogen! You are great.

  • Sdf

    what exactly can you do w/ cyanogen..is it still andriod 2.2 or 3 wen its upgraded?

    • Xguntherc

      CM7 is Android 2.3.3 and they are my favy

  • Crazythunder1968

    just pre ordered mine from walmart. hoping for a monday unboxing due to overnight fedex. fingers crossed.

  • Shaneappelbaum

    I pre-ordered on wirefly. 149 as an existing customer was cheaper than tmobile is offing the phone!

  • Carloscarrillo10

    I have the HTC EvO and the battery life is not very good (using kind words). What is the battery life of this phone? Thanks.

    • Kingfowsheezy

      Better life… twice that of stock evolution… can’t wait for cm7 to really see its potential

  • Kingfowsheezy

    Its better than the evolution… I just went from that to this g2x and I can’t wait for cm7… already rooted and ready to go…

  • Daragh

    G2x will *NOT* run on AT&T 3G network.

  • Daragh

    G2x will *NOT* run on AT&T 3G network.

  • Raheen1281

    I just recently got my g2x, its pretty good, especially how I can play games on my TV using a HDMI cable.