The time has come yet again, don’t get to excited because the TD servers are getting hammmmmered. That is the sound of hundreds of thousands of people all downloading CyanogenMod 7 for their Android device of choice. CM is now on over 30 devices so there is plenty of happy people around tonight.

We know you all love it. CyanogenMod has been the poster child for custom Android for a long while now and they are only getting stronger, faster, better, wider and more powerful. I’m still holding out for that CyanogenMod Phone 1 that is coming one day, oh it’s coming. Just in case for some unknown reason you don’t know, CM supports many phones such as the G1, the Nexus One, Nexus S, MyTouch4G, the Motorola Droid, and many many other phones. Get your flavor now.

I know this is an exciting and emotional moment for some. No really, It’s only a phone guys, but I love it just as much as you all do. On twitter and at the XDA forums they call people with my problem #crackflashers, or nightly addicts. As I usually flash every nightly. Time for me to sign off, lets just skip the rest and get right down to it. Go and download the latest CyanogenMod 7 Stable for your phone now. You’ll be glad you did!

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CyanogenMod 7 Download Mirrors for all devices