Earlier in the week I’m sure you all heard that AT&T will be buying T-Mobile US. This was huge news that shook the mobile phone and Android community. T-Mobile has been a huge supporter and partner with Google through the entire ride. Today we bring you some very good news if it holds to be true. According to TmoNews the newly announced G2x by LG will have both T-Mobile 3G/4G as well as also having AT&T 3G/4G. A quad-band 4G, future proof for the T-Mobile merger maybe?

So far nothing regarding this has been confirmed. This was just something our friends at TmoNews stumbled on and had to share. For more information about the amazing LG G2x check out our Hands-On here. According to a few stories that have went around lately, T-Mobile phones will not work on AT&T after the merge has been completed, but will work for the next 12-18 months. I have also seen reports that AT&T will be adding to T-Mobile’s towers to make them dual-band so their own phones, and our T-Mobile phones will all work and roam on both teams towers. That would be nice.

For now there is tons of unknown information. We are still waiting for any new info we can find regarding this. Things will be getting interesting over the next 12 months as all of this unfolds. I’ve also heard reports of the congress telling the FCC to take a serious look at the merge to make sure it abides by all the antitrust, and competition policies. So that could cause some issues. Either way stick with AndroidCommunity as it all unfolds as we will be here the entire way.

[via TmoNews]