After all the hype this morning regarding the Samsung Galaxy Nexus finally launching with the brand new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich we are now seeing what appears to be our first actual glimpse of Ice Cream Sandwich on a tablet, even if it’s just a render. Thanks to Google we now have our first look of what to expect. The Android Honeycomb buttons have been replaced with the same ICS software buttons seen on the Galaxy Nexus not to mention that pretty cyan color for the notifications. It does look pretty if I don’t say so myself.

While just a render I don’t think I’ve seen anything official like this just yet. It appears to be either a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or maybe a newer thinner Galaxy Tab if you ask me. With Samsung and Google working so closely on the Galaxy Nexus its possible we might see the same thing with a tablet, but with no leaks thus far that is a little doubtful.

Either way I’m extremely excited to see what Google has in store and I’m equally excited to see ICS running on a tablet in the very near future. In case you missed any of our coverage today we’ve already had plenty of hands-on time with both the Galaxy Nexus and 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich — just click those links and enjoy.

As an added bonus here is our hands-on videos of the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich for your viewing pleasure.

[vms 4fb2321e9ce801e2f516 ]

  • Why did you watermark this? Anyone can see it at

    • Because it was new and we’d never seen it. but yes everyone can get it and I linked to right in my article!

  • Nattyzero

    Why so few tablets with full phone call capability. . .Especially with prevalence of bluetooth headsets

  • Stryker

    This does not look like a samsung galaxy tab. If you look at the bottom left corner buttons, they are the ASUS tab buttons.

  • Lemiwinks

    Who cares about the 10 inch tablet, check out that huge phone on top of it, that thing has to be way bigger than a Galaxy Note!!!

  • Anonymous

    I want that phone, it looks so round and big o.O

    The tablet does sort of look like a Samsung galaxy 10.1 but I think it could be a Google own brand tablet maybe manufactured by samsung. I’m looking forward tto ggetting ICS in my Samsung galaxy 10.1 and then a few years later on my LG p920 😛

    Sorry I could resist the stab at the slowness of LG updates.

  • Shmekid

    That is the new redesigned samsung tablet.

  • When can i expect ICS on you Nexus S 4G? And will it have face unlock?

  • Anonymous

    Just one thing Vincent, the face unlock will work with or without glasses. I have managed to unlock my phone either with or without glasses being worn.

  • mr.Ron

    Tablet actually looks like the Transformer Prime (supposed to be first with ICS, although wont be shipped with it initially)

  • Sonncee37

    I hope this comes to acer iconia