It seems that one of the headliners for HTC‘s next flagship will be a pair of UltraPixel rear cameras, once again “confirmed” by this latest leak. This, however, has a slight, almost unnoticeable difference from the last leak, making us remember to take such images with a grain of salt.

Quite early on, the HTC One M8, the currently used codename for the HTC One successor, has been rumored to have two cameras at the back, both bearing HTC’s UltraPixel camera technology. The reason for this rather novel arrangement is supposedly to help resolve one of the most pesky problems of low-light photography. Whether the HTC One M8 will be able to deliver on that remains to be seen with an actual device.

This new photo seemingly confirms the presence of such dual cameras, as did a previous leaked photo. There is a very small difference between the two photos, however. The older leak showed the dual LED flashes set up separately from each other, in two, unconnected circles. This latest photo, however, shows both to be enclosed in a single elongated hole. There could have simply been a change in backplate design, or one of the two was an earlier prototype.


In addition, another pair of photos seemingly confirm yet another rumor about the M8’s design, particularly that of the navigation buttons. Here we once again see proof of those buttons being integrated into the screen and following more closely the Android standard button order. There is no confirmation, however, of the supposed feature that allows this navigation to be swiped away as desired.


  • ImmaDroid

    You would think they would put one amazing cameras instead of two decent ones. Someone needs to come out with a mini telescoping lens for physical zoom!


    I’d have to say if this is true which I highly think it’s not that one camera would be a high MP for great well lit shots and the same UP camera for low light shots again like on the ONE.
    I’d have to say though that this is not what the M8 will be at all, it’s not going to look this much like the ONE at all and this was a camera test or mod make from an original ONE if it’s not just a fake photo. The M8 is going to look like an elongated oval when viewed directly from the top of the device where the sides taper on the front and back of the device