The follow-up to the currently available HTC One has been the subject of frequent leaks and rumors. At this time the handset goes by the codename of HTC M8. While the reports have covered a wide variety of topics up until this point in time — we have seen several that touched on the camera setup. To that point, two reports from January mentioned how the M8 could arrive with a dual-sensor UltraPixel camera.

Well, it appears as if an in-the-wild style image of the HTC M8 has leaked. And yes, it does indeed show what appears to be a two lens and two flash setup. The image comes by way of Twitter user @HTCFamily_RU and was presented without much in terms of explanation or other detail.


One thing we can see is the M8 seems to have a styling that is similar to the HTC One, the device that originally began as the HTC M7. While there isn’t any reason to doubt this image, we do have to remember to be a bit skeptical. After all, leaks and rumors often change before any official announcement.


As for this image being the real deal though, one bit of evidence goes back to mid-January when an image of a case surfaced. The case, seen here in this post, had a pair of openings that seems like it would fit this two lens and two flash setup quite nicely. Though, it appears the case did have one extra (and smaller) opening off to the side.

Otherwise, earlier rumors suggested the HTC M8 would feature a 5-inch 1080p display and Snapdragon 805 processor. Perhaps more important for some — HTC is rumored to be announcing this device in late-March.

VIA: PocketNow