There has been some recent chatter about HTC working on a new device. The stories suggested that would be a phablet style device. That is to say something with a display between 5 and 6-inches that could possibly compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note. While those reports still need to be worked out in greater detail, it is looking like HTC may also be planning to release a 7-inch Android tablet later in the year.

As with the HTC phablet rumors, the talk of a 7-inch Android tablet remains unconfirmed at this point. What we have is coming by way of a recent Bloomberg report and “people familiar with the matter.” Simply put, it was said that HTC has “plans to sell a 7-inch tablet based on Android around the same time as the version with Windows RT is introduced.” As for that Windows RT tablet, that is expected to arrive around September or October.

While talk of a 7-inch Android tablet from HTC seems interesting enough, we cannot help but look back towards the past with models such as the HTC Flyer. That tablet did seem to have a bit of potential when it launched, however some may argue that was not the best time to be pushing a 7-inch Android tablet. That said, quite a bit has changed since HTC had the Flyer available and not only has tablet demand grown, but the software has improved dramatically.

Needless to say, for now this is all rumor and in fact, when asked, an HTC rep told Bloomberg that they will not comment on rumors or speculation. Otherwise, aside from the bit about the tablet running Android and sporting a 7-inch display, the remaining specs are still unknown. So how about it, anyone think now would be a good time for HTC to jump back into the Android tablet business, or should they continue the focus on smartphones and the One?


On the topic of the HTC One, yesterday brought news of the Google Edition model. The Google Edition One will retain the same exterior stylings of the carrier branded One, however it will launch with a vanilla Android 4.2.2 installation and in turn, follow a Nexus-like approach with future updates. The Google Edition One is priced at $599 and will be available on June 26th.

SOURCE: Bloomberg

  • Major_Pita

    It sounds interesting. Their product would have to both differentiated AND price competitive..HTC has proved they can handle the former, the latter is the issue. Could an HTC One style tablet be created that would be acceptably more expensive than the average 7 inch tablet price? With the Hisense Sero Pro hitting the market at $149.99 while out-featuring the Nexus 7, an new bar has been set. If HTC tires to go after the premium market it would be risky since they have got to be short on capital as of late. Here’s what could be interesting: A seven inch 1080p device with a Snapdragon 800 processor with storage expansion, HDMI out, USB host, IR Blaster, Bluetooth 4.x, NFC, WiFi Direct (or similar) and a choice of WiFi or WiFi + GSM network connectivity. I think for the success that HTC would have to have with this venture the WiFi only version would have to sell at under $400 dollars – probably in the mid to upper thee hundred dollar range.and another hundred or so to add GSM.
    It would be very interesting if the GSM module was a consumer add-on option post-purchase.
    In other words, sort of a “Swiss-Army” tablet.

    • No 7-inch slate should be above $329 at this point. Unless it truly is a killer top-tier of all tablet. Just a thought

      • Major_Pita

        Concur – HTC could push that price point a little if it brings the same ‘ooh-ahh’ factors that they did with the One, but it would be a mistake to push it too far…

    • tess rachel

      The HiSense Sero Pro already has major production problems and a lot of people are already returning theirs – system shut downs, bad ports and other issues

  • ludmila

    oh my god HTC is kill it this year htc just make great specs. Samsung watch out you might get eaten alive

    • Richard Yarrell

      You sound pretty clueless and comical at best. Samsung perfected this category and space. Samsung is the industry leaders here not the rookies looking for sales and exceptance. The original Galaxy Note and the current Galaxy Note 2 is why this category is what it is today. Samsung drives the market and everyone else follows. It’s the Galaxy Note 3 for me not some 1st time unproven product.

    • jason c. anderson

      Another 7-INCH Android Tablet / Smartphone to launch next week that offers impressive features is the HD-89 tablet for $245 through T a b le t S p r i n t- – and offers 3G with two SIM Card slots for service through any GSM carrier, including AT&T and T-Mobile. The
      new HD-89 features a Quad Core processor and an HD 1280×800 IPS screen, along with one of the largest battery capacities of any 7-Inch tablet with 4800 mAh. It also offers a MicroSD memory card slot, Wifi, Bluetooth, Built-in GPS, a front 1 MegaPixel Webcam and a Rear 8
      MegaPixel Camera, along with Android 4.2 O/S and Google Play store preinstalled… the Dual SIM Card slot is probably the most impressive feature and a first for an Android tablet with an HD 7″ screen display. Worth checking out.

  • Svelte

    Perfect. Protoflyer seamlessly fits in. No need to go to tailor to alter suits.

  • Tracey Holland

    I think if they make a tablet like the HTC ONE, they will kill Samsung and Apple’s tablet business. I have the original Galaxy tab, and the newer versions are so-so, but give us a tablet styled like the HTC ONE, with all the same bells and whistles as the phone, add better battery life, hdmi port, micro sd slot and some more goodies and you got yourself a winner!