Sorry, Motorola DROID RAZR and DROID RAZR MAXX owners: turns out April 4th wasn’t your day, as previously indicated in a Best Buy leak. But according to yet another leak (which acknowledges the delay for the Moto phones) the Ice Cream Sandwich update is still going out to the HTC Rezound on Friday, April 6th, tomorrow. The update doesn’t offer an explanation for the Moto delays, but odds are pretty good that Best Buy made the mistake that we and many others did, assuming that the latest Gingerbread update was something a little more timely.

HTC has made a point of assuring customers that the Android 4.0 update was coming ever since the Rezound was announced back in November. We believe them, too: there’s already been a leaked version of the Rezound update that’s made its way out to the excited modders of the world. Given that it’s been a couple of weeks since that one escaped Taiwan, the update tentatively scheduled for tomorrow may or may not be a later version. In either case, you’ll want to comb the Android forums for one of HTC’s ROM Update Utility files to get your phone back to stock if you want the over the air update.

What are the odds that Best Buy’s internal sales systems are accurate? Since no one mentioned the lack of RAZR updates until after they had made a statement with their absence, we’d guess that it’s approximately 50/50. HTC has already proven to be a little more timely with their Android 4.0 updates that other major manufacturers, releasing ICS for the HTC Vivid on AT&T and some of its international cousins. Keep those Settings menus handy tomorrow, Rezound fans.

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[via Droid-Life]

  • Hope that true. But I’m still happy with some cook ICS ROM found at

  • Joe Boxer

    HTC Rezoned Beats Edition, I just got my Update to ICS @ 1:26am 4-6-12. SO HAPPY!!! About damn time. 

    • Motocrosskid Lr

      Where is it?

    • Marksplit

       BS, it’s not out yet.

    • Bob Dylan

      how did you update fag

  • Just checked for software updates and found nothing… it’s 9:30 am CST. Not convinced yet…

  • Dalmacars

    Its a lie, Verizon has no news about update. Not there and nit likely to be here for a couple weeks

  • Jbotcher

    Nothing on mine yet, so I’m not going to believe it til it happens.

  • Siorizzo81

    @ Joe Boxer, you pussy no update yet!!

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  • Scorpion

    WTF where is it 

    i need it i stock with this phone damn it android suck im going to go with apple next time never again and i will recommend people to go with apple please android you suck