If you’re a Motorola DROID RAZR or DROID RAZR MAXX owner who watched the Android news last week, you’ve probably been waiting all day for a certain frozen treat. Sorry, RAZR owners: the Ice Cream Sandwich update that an internal Best Buy document leaked seems to be a complete dud. And that update that Motorola sent out to members of its official forum? It’s just another Gingerbread update, version 6.12.181 to be specific. Talk about a bummer. Oh well – adventurous users can always flash the leaked Ice Cream Sandwich update instead.

The new soak test includes a few new features including slightly better battery life, a more precise storage display in the Setting menu, and a new MotoCast widget. Try to contain you boundless enthusiasm. Other changes include tweaks and bugfixes for better wireless performance, browsing and security. Selected Motorola forum users will be able to download the update starting tomorrow. Given Motorola’s update schedule, you can expect to see 6.12.181 roll out to all users before the end of the month.

This lack of an update also casts doubt on the HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade mentioned in the same Best Buy leak. While it may still be set for Friday, April 6th, it doesn’t seem likely – though it must be said that HTC has a much better reputation when it comes to timely updates. Motorola still hasn’t gone on record for when the DROID RAZR and DROID RAZR MAXX will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich, but with a leaked version already out there (complete with WebTop 3.0) it can’t be too much longer.

We hope.

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[via Android Police]