BBM for Android will not be a Samsung exclusive upon release

September 17, 2013

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Once again the BBM rumors have been heating up. The BBM for Android user manual appeared last month and that was followed by the actual app, which leaked yesterday and couldn't actually be used. Perhaps key for today though, despite the earlier confirmation coming from Samsung Nigeria, there will not be any exclusives when the app actually launches.

That confirmation came yesterday when Samsung Nigeria tweeted about how Samsung had a three month exclusive on the release of BBM for Android. Well, in an updated statement provided to CrackBerry, there will not be any exclusive offering. Coming by way of BBM Communications Director at BlackBerry, Victoria Berry, "no one will have an exclusive on offering BBM."

Further comments from Berry also touched on the hype that seems to be surrounding this release. She also spoke about how "the upcoming BBM launch on iPhone and Android devices seems to know no bounds." Sadly though, she didn't offer anything in terms of when the app would be available.

As many have likely seen, BBM for Android is expected to be available this coming Friday. Comments from Berry note the app will be ready for Android users "across the globe soon." Soon could mean Friday, however if Samsung Nigeria was incorrect about the exclusive it seems somewhat likely they may have been incorrect about Friday also.

All that being said, it is slightly interesting that Samsung Mobile NG has yet to remove that tweet.

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  • Edward Daniels

    good im glad no exclusivity was placed on this app. dont get me wrong i love the face that samsung wants to have it.lets be real if any exclusive release for just one phone would kill it for me. also not only it is for just samsung it was a 3 month period until everyone would be able to use the dam app. i wouldn’t have downloaded it after waiting for it so long becuz of exclusive rights to sammy.

  • Alan Fitt

    So friday 21st sept has come and almost gone. Still no Bbm app available. Frustrated.