We’re getting pretty close to what many would consider “the end of summer” which is when Blackberry Messenger for Android is set to finally be released. However for those who’d rather not wait this weekend the app has leaked in the flesh and is available for download as we speak. If all those leaks didn’t convince you it was coming soon, this should do the trick.

There’s just one problem though. The app that leaked this weekend and is available as we speak still doesn’t work. You can install it, sign in, and even make a new account to use the app but it still won’t work. It’s currently being tested internally and only will work for premium whitelisted accounts.

So far there is no functionality, but surely a few XDA developers might be able to crack it and get it working. In the meantime there was that leaked video last week showing messenger off, but it’s nothing too special. BBM for Android continues to have excitement around it, so hopefully they release it soon enough.

Once BBM for Android gets the green light from Blackberry we’ll most likely see the application hit the Google Play Store and other areas, but so far there’s still no set date to give you guys at this moment. More details can be found from XDA below.

VIA: XDA Developers