BBM for Android is still expected to arrive sometime this summer. Per the calendar that could mean any time before September 21. While the wait continues we have seen plenty of fake BBM apps land in the Google Play Store and even some leaked screenshots which came by way of the beta testers. As of today however, it looks like BlackBerry is still prepping for the release.

The latest official BBM for Android information has arrived in the form of a user guide. And nicely, this is an official guide that has been posted on the BlackBerry website. The manual is for BBM for Android Version 1.0 and measures in at 17 pages in length. The manual begins with the “getting started” details and goes up to the “do more with BBM” details.

Basically, those who are anxiously waiting for the BBM app to arrive in the Google Play Store can now get a head start on the release. While we tend to poke fun at user manuals when they leak (or get posted) online and we tend to ignore them in the real-world — this time around the manual is confirming some of the features.

Sitting on page 4 of the manual we find the features listed as being BBM profile, Invite, Chat, emoticons and BBM Groups. The profile setup will allow the user to choose a display picture, name and status as well as their unique BBM PIN. The Invite and Chat sections are just what one would expect and Groups will allow for chatting with up to 30 people at a time.

As for those emoticons, they will arrive as the “classic BBM emoticons” so don’t expect any new Android goodies. Sticking with the emoticon talk and we also have the reminder about being able to enter a two-digit country code to show a flag. The example used shows *CA* displaying the Canadian flag. With that, those curious or anxious can follow the BlackBerry link below to scan the user manual.

VIA: CrackBerry

SOURCE: BlackBerry