The HTC Vivid has Ice Cream Sandwich! Ten other phones and tablets are getting it too! It’s like software updates are eggs and AT&T’s the Easter bunny! The latest bit of news is that the LG Thrill is getting an update – too bad it’s just Gingerbread. Yes, the forlorn high-end phone has been running Froyo officially all this time, and now (a mere 15 months after Gingerbread became available and almost a year to the day after the phone was announced) it’s finally getting an update to Android 2.3. Thrill owners, try to contain your joy – this has got to be like being the one kid who found his egg rotten.

AT&T’s Thrill 4G is a rebranded version of the Optimus 3D, a respectable phone even by today’s standards. A 1Ghz dual-core processor and 512MB of RAM should make Gingerbread fly, even with LG’s custom skin running on top. The phone is one of just a handful of models that can display lenticular glasses-free 3D on its 4.3-inch, 800×480 LCD screen. 8GB of storage space is alright, but AT&T also stocked it with an 8GB MicroSD card, the better to take photos with its stereoscopic 5MP cameras.

To install the update you’ll need LG’s PC Suite installed on your computer – unfortunately AT&T isn’t sending the update out over the air at this time. You can find the driver and software at LG’s support site. And before anyone asks, no, I wouldn’t hold out for an Ice Cream Sandwich update, ever – LG’s track record thus far has not inspired confidence in that regard.

[via Gotta Be Mobile]

  • I just called LG and they said that it hasnt been released yet and that its still in testing mode. i tried to do what this article said to do to get the update, and it said no update available. LG said if you try to update now it can mess up your phones software. they did not give any specific time frame as to when it will be released.

  • Lgthrilluser

    I updated my daughters phone last night via the LG software utility. Make sure you have the drivers or it won”t update.

  • Unospice

    Updated, running fine.

  • Rafla


  • Rabhutta

    anyone else seeing issues with may apps auto starting ? every time time i look around there are 8 apps running ( they restart after closing) .

    • Jcdunhamii

       Same thing happening to me also

      • Mcswiggy

        Me 3 im so unhappy with this phone 3D was the selling point thats it…

        Software wise this phone got screwed …

      • No end to mysterious app starts! This is really annoying that random apps pop up and run, minutes after shuitting all of them down!

      • CBW

        I called AT&T for assistance on this. The call center employee acted like this was the first time he had heard of the problem. He instructed me to do a “Master Reset” which wiped out all downloads, messages, notes, photos, music and other items. After doing this, I am still having the same problem with multiple apps opening automatically. I went to the local AT&T store for assistance, and they were even more clueless than the call center. LG told me that they can fix the problem if I pay to ship my phone to them as well as return shipping. Somebody needs to fix this at no cost to the customers! If anything, I think AT&T or LG should be providing replacement phones to all of us that had our phones messed up by this screwed up “update”.

  • Phil S.

    I really wish I had been notified that this update to Gingerbread was available.
    The whole process took maybe 20 minutes from the time I plugged the phone into my PC with the USB cable.
    The reboot did take a few minutes after the upgrade to actually boot all the way up … be patient.
    As mentionined in the article, go to LG’s support site to obtain both the LG update software and drivers for your PC here
    The instructions are pretty straight forward.

    Good Luck!

  • Adrian McCall

    this info is all incorrect. LG has realeased 2.3.5 for p925.  install drivers and software and then go into phone settings under applications and check debugging mode to on.   The software will not recognize you device until you do so.  Then, it will automatically update to 2.3.  I have had my LGP925 for 2 weeks and it is running 2.3 w/o any hacking, rooting, modding etc.   If you can’t update, you did not follow instructions….    *DEBUG MODE WINS!*

    • AndersonC

      Thank U very much!!! I was trying… trying… and the sotware didn’t works… So.. I try your clue and… BAZINNNGGAAAAA!!! Great!! Thanks!!!!

    • pat

      Hey there, this running app problem is driving me nuts…went to Phone Settings, but where is Debugging Mode? under what sub heading?? thanx

  • Mike

    I’m upset that its not out over the air. I don’t own a computer so this is ridiculous.

  • Kyle.

    I keep getting a message saying that updating failed due to a fatal error can someone help me out. i followed all the steps i even put it in debugging mode and i still get errors. 

  • katy

    This new update has slowed down my phone because of all the apps randomly opening up after I shut them down. Its ridiculous. Hoping there’s a quick fix to it soon.

  • Meg

    there are less games in the app store and all of the games dont want to download anymore is there a way of fixing this problem?

  • charlotte

    I was able to download tbis update it kept saying the update was not for my phone, but it is. I contacted customer service and they just said to use a different port…haventhad the time, but now i cannot update or download apps, it keeps saying error cannot reach the server or cannot purchase at time. how do i fix this?

  • eddy

    I have downloaded all the drivers but my lgp925 wont communicate with my pc it says device disconnected. i did everything right. what should i do