The HTC Vivid has Ice Cream Sandwich! Ten other phones and tablets are getting it too! It’s like software updates are eggs and AT&T’s the Easter bunny! The latest bit of news is that the LG Thrill is getting an update – too bad it’s just Gingerbread. Yes, the forlorn high-end phone has been running Froyo officially all this time, and now (a mere 15 months after Gingerbread became available and almost a year to the day after the phone was announced) it’s finally getting an update to Android 2.3. Thrill owners, try to contain your joy – this has got to be like being the one kid who found his egg rotten.

AT&T’s Thrill 4G is a rebranded version of the Optimus 3D, a respectable phone even by today’s standards. A 1Ghz dual-core processor and 512MB of RAM should make Gingerbread fly, even with LG’s custom skin running on top. The phone is one of just a handful of models that can display lenticular glasses-free 3D on its 4.3-inch, 800×480 LCD screen. 8GB of storage space is alright, but AT&T also stocked it with an 8GB MicroSD card, the better to take photos with its stereoscopic 5MP cameras.

To install the update you’ll need LG’s PC Suite installed on your computer – unfortunately AT&T isn’t sending the update out over the air at this time. You can find the driver and software at LG’s support site. And before anyone asks, no, I wouldn’t hold out for an Ice Cream Sandwich update, ever – LG’s track record thus far has not inspired confidence in that regard.

[via Gotta Be Mobile]