Samsung to show off 5.5-inch flexible screen during CES

We've heard plenty about Samsung's flexible smartphone screens throughout the years, but when CES rolls around in a couple of weeks, Samsung will be ready to show them off once again. This time around, the screen will be 5.5-inches and sport a resolution of 1280x720 - that gives us a pixel density of 267. There will also be a flexible 55-inch TV screen on display, so Samsung has been hard at work to bring us these nifty new displays.

Meizu MX2 goes on sale in China for $389

Today we have another awesome smartphone that has just hit the street, only this isn't from the usual suspects. If you haven't heard of Meizu before, their a popular company that launched the highly successful MX1 in China and are a competitor of Huawei, ZTE and others. Today their new MX2 quad-core smartphone is available, so lets take a look.

T-Mobile ends 2012 strong with 14 new HSPA+ markets

T-Mobile has been working hard to update and improve their networks with faster 4G HSPA+ speeds. They've been calling it a network refarm or modernization project, and today have announced their largest update yet. Last week we mentioned 3 or 4 cities were getting updated, but today T-Mobile's confirmed an additional 14. More details on where can be found below.

HTC is rumored to begin cutting back on smartphones models in 2013

Samsung and Apple have taken the lead in terms of the smartphone market, which means that others such as HTC are going to have to start playing catch-up. And based on that, it is now being reported that HTC is going to be scaling things back as they move into the new year. That being said though, the report is coming by way of DigiTimes, so we take that as it comes.

Antitrust charges on the way for Samsung from European Commission

More bad news for Samsung today, as the European Commission told Reuters that it may soon be hitting the Galaxy S III maker with antitrust charges. These possible anti-competitive charges come after a larger and longer investigation of Samsung carried out by the European Commission. Essentially, the European Commission wants to know if Samsung broke the EU's competition rules by filing patent suits against Apple.