For all you owners of the international Galaxy Note, or the new and impressive Galaxy Note II we have some good news this afternoon. The awesome developers behind CyanogenMod have just released CM10.1 for your devices. This brings the latest and greatest Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean to your Note.

Just in time for the holidays they’ve initiated the CM10.1 nightly builds. As you all should know, Nightly builds are considered “stable” enough to release, but the team won’t qualify it as a stable build until they feel it’s ready. Nightly builds are bleeding edge, released nightly, and may have brand new features that won’t fully work. However we’ve been rocking CM10.1 nightlies with no problems for weeks.

For a small idea of what to expect you can see CM10.1 on the Galaxy Nexus here, although things will obviously be different with that 5.5-inch display and quad-core processor in the Note II. The first official CM10.1 nightly builds arrived late last night, and you can get today’s right this minute.

To be specific, they’ve released CM10.1 for multiple devices already but the new ones to the bunch are the Galaxy Note N7000 (international) as well as the Galaxy Note II N7100. Obviously we’ll need to be rooted and such, so head to your favorite developer site for tips and details if you’re not already prepared for a custom ROM. For those who are, start by stopping at Get.CM for the latest builds, and don’t forget those GApps. Give it a try tonight and let us know how it goes.

[via Android Police]