Samsung Galaxy Note gets its first commercial

We still haven't received any new information on the gargantuan Galaxy Note coming to the United States since that AT&T FCC filing, but here's some nice sterile marketing to tide you over. Samsung has released its first TV spot for the new phone, asking consumers the same question the tech press has been pondering since the unveiling at IFA in Berlin: is it a phone or a tablet? We'll let you be the judge.

Android tablet users to get free articles from top mags

Zinio has announced that its new Zinio Explore offering is now available. The Explore service will allow Android tablet users to get access to free magazine articles from some of the top magazines in the world. The goal is naturally to get you to buy the magazines that the stories come from, but if all you want is some free reading material the app will do that too.

Garmin launches its first fitness app for Android

Garmin has announced today that it has its very first fitness app for Android users is on the Android Market right now. The app is called Garmin Fit and it is used to turn the Android smartphone into a training device for athletes. The app offers all sorts of metrics about your workouts that you can save and upload to your computer for tracking over time using Garmin Connect.

Aussie retailers skirt Apple injunction to sell Galaxy Tab 10.1

Apple won a major victory in its "thermonuclear war" with Android in Australia, where the civil court upheld a sales injunction against Samsung's Galaxy Tab based on Apple's practical and design patents. But the courts are no obstacle for the determined, and a collection of crafty online retailers are still selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 down under. Like Prohibition smugglers they get their stock from outside the continent and sell the tablets as import items, exploiting a loophole in Australian law.

Motorola commits to Ice Cream Sandwich and unlocked bootloaders

Motorola got no end of grief when it made the decision to lock the bootloader on its latest flagship device, the DROID RAZR. Though we later learned that international versions of the phone would be user-unlockable, their current and past reliance on custom software and locked bootloaders has been a sore spot with the Android mod community for years. Moto has decided to come clean with a forward-facing new start, instructing curious users to two separate sites for unlocking and upgrading.

Amazon Wireless sells the HTC EVO Design 4G for just $30

I tell you what, I know where I'm buying my next phone. After a massive Verizon sale earlier this month, the Wireless store at Amazon is selling the brand-new HTC EVO Design 4G for just thirty bones - a savings of $70 on the retail version. Of course, to get this rock-bottom price you'll have to sign up for a new two-year service agreement. The phone's already back-ordered, so you might want to get an order in soon.

Motorola RAZR headed to AT&T, clears the FCC

We are seeing a few interesting things turn up from the FCC today, first some sort of Motorola tablet passed through, and now we are seeing a Motorola RAZR headed for AT&T. The Motorola DROID RAZR was announced last week headed for Verizon with 4G LTE and we've also heard a few non US carriers will also get a version of the RAZR as soon as November 1st. Today what appears to be the same RAZR smartphone has just hit the FCC packing AT&T radios, that means the Verizon "DROID" wont be present in this bad boys name.