Another one bites the dust. Just over a week after Samsung’s Galaxy S II debuted on T-Mobile, the tireless denizens of RootzWiki have delivered a root method for the lust-worthy phone. You can head over to the Galaxy S II Developer forum to download and apply it for yourself. Rooted Android – it’s the only way to fly!

As far as Samsung root methods go, this one’s pretty typical. You’ll need Samsung’s Kies software and a custom tool called ODIN, then you use some recovery and Windows command line magic to make it happen. The process shouldn’t daunt any advanced Android users, but those of you who are used to one-click methods might want to hold off. As a bonus, you’ll first install the flexible ClockworkMod recovery system, paving the way for oodles of custom ROMs down the line.

It goes without saying that moments after you Google “root” on your phone your warranty is void, so if you’re harboring doubts about diving into the darker side of Android, you might want to hold off. If you’re sure about rooting, it couldn’t hurt to track down a full recovery method just in case. Backups via Kies and Nandroid are good safety measures.

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