We have talked about the Nokia HTML5 maps that were coming before. At first, the Nokia Maps were only offered on Nokia smartphones, but that has now changed. The HTML5 version of the maps are intended to be used on both the Android and iOS platforms as well. With the roll out of the HTML 5 maps also come some new and cool features.

The maps were in beta previously and could be downloaded. They offer satellite view, public transport view, and Live traffic views. They also support pinch to zoom, routing for walking or driving, and saving of favorite locations. A pair of new features has surfaced today that are very nice and will make using the Nokia Maps more interesting for the user.

The best of the features is the new offline mode. This allows you to download the maps before you head out for a trip so you can turn off your data connection. That is a big deal if you are in an area where you are in data roaming. Other new features include POI information and new public transportation directions.

[via MyNokiaBlod]


  1. I tried this app on my Nexus One and it’s pretty terrible. Even if it does work without a data connection, I don’t think it’s worth it.


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