We all want to be more organized, even if those like me never really get organized. One thing that many people like is the ability to be able to access their content from wherever they are. Box for Android is an app that will let you connect to your content at the office when you are out of the office. The app has been updated to make it faster and more stabile.

The new update went live on the Android Market last Friday and can be downloaded right now. The update includes a new codebase and integration with Quickoffice. That Quickoffice integration allows you to edit documents that are saved on Box from your Android phone or tablet. The update also brings the ability to rename, delete, and share files or folders from the Android device.

The update also supports local caching of content so if you are accessing a particular document frequently you won’t need to wait for it to download each time. These sound like some very nice updates, particularly for an office that has multiple users accessing the same files.