Are You An AndroidAholic? Come Forward.

If you are an AndroidAholic, and let's face it, if you are reading this, you probably are, why not come forward? You can declare yourself at our new AndroidAholic support group and Facebook page, And be sure to Androidify yourself and upload the pic. What? You don't have the Androidify app? Well, it's free, so go and get it now.

Android Community’s Official “Glass” Boot Animation

Behold, the greatest boot animation you'll ever have seen in your entire life! As you're certainly well aware, one of the more instantly evident benefits of rooting your Android device is the ability to change the fancy animation that plays between your device's loading screen and your phone being fully activated after you turn it on. Up until now, you were only able to play the odd sweetness like a Particle Ring or an Apple Buster. Now you can have the tops - the sweetness - the brand new Android Community "Glass" Boot Animation!

Motorola Xoom getting OTA Update tomorrow, still no SD support

Looks like there is now some news that the Motorola Xoom is getting an OTA update tomorrow. This news has just dropped from our friends at DroidLife. This looks to address some issues, as well as add new features. Things like Bluetooth support to GTalk, as well as bluetooth mouse support for the Xoom. There is also mention of addition proxy support, SSL data transfer with websites, and more. Check it out.

Motorola Keyboard Folio case for the Xoom in the works

The Motorola Xoom has been a popular little device. Some new information looks to show that Motorola might be planning a Keyboard Folio case similar to the portfolio case they offer now, but with a bluetooth or USB Keyboard included. This would probably be a good idea considering the Asus Transformer has one and it has been a pretty big hit so far.

Epix HD bringing movies to Android phones and tablets

As some movie streaming providers are moving away from Google TV, Epix has gotten closer and are currently available to stream HD movies with Google TV. With other big names and companies like Netflix to still not have a full out app for Android yet, Epix has came to the rescue and plan to release their movie service across multiple devices including Google TV, Android phones and tablets, even the new BlackBerry PlayBook.

Motorola Changing policy on locked bootloaders?

We have some possibly great news here, but I wouldn't get to excited just yet. According to some very new information it looks like Motorola will be changing their policy on locked bootloaders and will offer a solution for both end users, and unlocking for developers. Excellent! For anyone that has followed any Android news as of late, has heard about this story from one source or another. This has been a major public issue for Motorola for more than a few weeks now.

Android passes Apple, now has more Free apps in Market

App store researchers Distimo, known for researching and gathering factual data on app stores and reporting some accurate information on all things Apps have just released their latest publication. Taking a close look at all the app stores but more importantly to us, the Android and Apple markets. According to their report, Google's Android Market has now passed Apple and is now offering more free apps than the Apple App Store.
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