Verizon’s 4G LTE Network is down nationwide, forcing those with an HTC Thunderbolt or a 4G hotspot to suffer along with near dial-up speeds. According to Verizon’s twitter feed, the Thunderbolt is able to do voice calls, but data is running at 1xRTT data. The outage comes just one day before the DROID Charge, Verizon’s second 4G phone, hits the network. Verizon has said they are hard at work to fix the problem. Verizon’s 4G network went down late last night, and though it doesn’t affect 3G devices, the Thunderbolt has been booted down to extremely slow speeds. There is a fix, however, that will allow the Thunderbolt to get back up to 3G at least.

Verizon Wireless has posted two updates on Twitter so far:

Others on Twitter have said that they have lost timezone settings on their Thunderbolts.

Here is the fix to get the Thunderbolt up to 3G:

How to Fix 4G Outage on HTC Thunderbolt

Dial ##778#
Press Call button
The password is 000000
Choose Edit Mode
Go to Modem Settings
Choose Rev A
Switch from eHRPD to Enable
Press OK
Commit Modifications

Keep in mind you’ll likely need to change this back to get your phone back to normal after the nationwide Verizon 4G LTE outage is fixed.

Here is a video that shows the speeds that are currently happening in San Francisco:

[via GottaBeMobile]


    • Your a moron… you probably blow through 25GB a month and f everything up for people who may use 1GB, now we all have to pay for the unlimited.. you’ll get yours when they go to capping data like at&t

      • Why are you calling him a moron? If you have 4G LTE, and use the internet on a regular basis, it is impossible to use 1 GB per month, I have a Thunderbolt and live .4 miles from a tower and get 20-25 Mb/s download speeds (day/night) and I don’t use it any differently than I did than my Droid 2, I just use more data because it’s 10 times faster, it’s not my fault or Jhootz fault they made the 4G LTE network so much faster. I still watch videos on youtube, and other sites, download mp3s, only now every video is in HD played through the hotspot, to the laptop, then to the Samsung plasma. Yeah I’m using a hell of alot more data, but thats what they made the network for, which they spent alot of money on and is new technology, unlike Sprint’s Wimax 4G which is based on 3G technology, thats why it’s so slow. My Droid 2 was just as fast as my Dad’s current Sprint Evo 4G, and he live’s closer to a major city than I do. I tried to warn him not to get it, and just wait for the Thunderbolt, and let his Sprint contract expire, but old people are stubborn, he still has to pay for two ISP’s, Sprint, and Bright House. I don’t anymore, thank you Verizon, I’m sure you’ll have the 4G network back up soon. Ohh btw the LTE OnOff widget I downloaded off the Android market, that takes me to a settings page that lets me choose what network I want my Thunderbolt to get it’s data from, and got me 3G EvDo Rev A instead of 1X, and 2.8 Mb/s data speeds before I even knew the 4G LTE network was down across the nation, I just choose “EvDo only”, hit refresh, hit the home key, done. Back to the subject at hand, look right on Verizon Wirless’s 4G LTE site, click “what can I use it for”, it says watch movies in HD, download mp3’s, ect. Anyway, so I’m assuming you have 3G, and that means you are the moron. 4G LTE runs on a entirely different frequency then 3G runs on (Verizon 3G devices-800 & 1900 MHz, 4G LTE devices-700 MHz). So tell me how Jhootz and the rest of us with 4G LTE, including myself, are f’ing everything up for people like you who use 1 GB per month which would only be people with 3G devices? You’re a jack@ss. I just hit 21 GBs today with 5 days left in my billing month. What you said is like someone saying using 25GB a month with FIOS is f’ing everything up for everyone else who has Verizon DSL (which runs on a copper pair, not fiber) moron….


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