$1,000 dollars says the Galaxy S 4G is faster than your iPhone, that is what T-Mobile has been saying as of late. They are putting that money where their mouth is and are offering it up for any iPhone that can beat the Galaxy S 4G in a best of 3 speedtest competition at select T-Mobile stores in Seattle. See below for more details.

This challenge is for the Seattle area only and it is a pretty unique one indeed. According to the T-Mobile blog this will be going on both Friday April 29th, as well as Sunday May 1st. Don’t think this is a little scam and it is just a select store, it is at any of the 10 participating stores in the Seattle area. So they are basically saying Seattle hands down can beat any iPhone, on AT&T, or Verizon, they will take on both.

This is for download speeds and will be the best of 3. If your iPhone gets 2 faster download speeds, that cash money is all yours. Will you be trying this challenge on your 3G iPhone 4? They mention to check out the T-Mobile Blog for live action and updates from the challenge. I am interested to see the results the in-store Vibrant 4G will be getting and compare it to my G2x, as it is also a 4G device on T-Mobile. For now that is all, good luck all you 3G iPhoners, if we have any of you around here.

[via T-Mobile Blog]


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