Feature Packed Motorola Music Player Available for Download, Again

A new Motorola Music Player has been leaked to the internet by XDA, and it's by far one of the most impressive players we have seen for the Android platform. Now we are not exactly sure where this came from (Atrix, BIONIC?) but it sure piles on the features. The software was originally posted late last weekend, but since then it has been pulled and replaced with the legal message: Admin note: attachment deleted. Motorola has reported this as a violation of software copyright. Please refrain from reposting this piece of software. Thanks for your cooperation. The application, Motorola Music Player 1.0.179, seems to be able to work on most devices bringing many features the Android music platform has been lacking for quite some time. It can play or stream music from a wide variety of sources, supports a FM Radio (hardware permitting), internet radio, and even the ability to search YouTube for music videos. Other features include the ability to download missing album art with the press of an icon, Soundhound music analysis built-in, and with Tunewiki integration, you will have quick access to song lyrics. Sounds like an ultra feature-packed application, indeed. You can get your hands on the music player by visiting the mirror file hosted here. Be sure to move hastily as Motorola will probably make their sweeps and delete the file soon. [Via TDG]

Motorola DROID Bionic and ATRIX 4G suffering “unfixable” power problems? [Updated]

The Motorola DROID Bionic and ATRIX 4G allegedly both suffer from a power management fault that could lead to the smartphones overheating even when idle. According to trusted source kbman at HowardForums, his contacts involved in testing the smartphones claim the issues could affect radio performance among other things.
"The problem has to do with the PMU and causes a variety of issues including severe overheating even while at idle, power fluctuations affecting RF performance and cold boot issues"
More concerning are suggestions that the problem is "unfixable", though another user claiming insider information claims the PMU problem is in fact due to be addressed this week. While no specific evidence has been produced, kbman has a track record of inside Motorola information that is leaving would-be Bionic buyers wary of the new smartphone. [via Electronista] Update: Motorola has been in touch to say "there are no overheating issues and the products will ship as scheduled."

Gingerbread for x86 released: Android 2.3 for your PC

Gingerbread may only be on one commercially available smartphone right now, but if you fancy Android 2.3 on your PC then there's already a suitable build. The Android-x86 project has managed to craft an early - but functional - Gingerbread release for Intel processors. Right now sound and WiFi work, but ethernet, 3D and mouse control are still works-in-progress. It's the handiwork of cwhuang, and you'll need a 64-bit build environment and Java 1.6. [via Twitter]

Play.fm launches on Android platform

Play.fm has announced that its mobile music service is now on three mobile platforms including Android. The app is also offered on Windows Phone 7 and the iPhone as well. The app provides the world's largest on-demand radios for live recordings and DJ sets right on your mobile phone.

Official Facebook Phones to be HTC Android handsets?

HTC is tipped to be working with Facebook on two Android smartphones bearing the social network's official branding. According to CityAM's unspecified sources, the two handsets will use Facebook's color scheme and support Facebook Voice calls and IM, as well as putting the social network's news feed and messages on the homescreen. Neither company has commented on the rumors, which suggest the new phones will debut at MWC 2011 next month, but SlashGear has heard independently that at least one of the devices should have a physical QWERTY keyboard and Facebook CTO Bret Taylor has recently insisted that the company's primary focus for 2011 is mobile. Android Community will be at Mobile World Congress to bring back all the details of any announcement. [via SlashGear]

e-con Systems camera daughter boards get Android support

It doesn't matter what smartphone platform mobile fans use, we all have some of the same wants in common. One of the most common complaints about smartphones of all types from users is that the cameras aren’t that great. A company called e-con Systems has announced that its new HD camera board called the e-CAM50_OMAP35x now supports the Android OS.

Notion Ink Eden UI ported to Viewsonic GTablet [Video]

Notion Ink's Eden UI has been ported to the Viewsonic GTablet, after the start-up released fix files containing the slate's ROM for those who had bricked their Adam. xda-developers wasted no time in bringing the three-pane interface over to the GTablet, and while it's not 100-percent stable, it's still arguably better than the UI Viewsonic opted for. Interestingly the Notion Ink team seems aware of the hacking efforts, and - at least going by the latest blog post - don't appear too upset. "XDA community, we love you!" CEO Rohan Shravan claims. [youtube uKWeVY_pOEs] [Thanks to everybody who sent this in!; image and video via roebeet]

Google “not happy” with Android Market paid-app performance

Google is "not happy" with the number of paid app purchases from the Android Market, with Android platform manager Eric Chu telling developers that the company had several strategies for driving app buyers in 2011. Speaking at the Inside Social Apps conference in San Francisco this week, Forbes reports, Chu confirmed that carrier billing would be extended beyond just AT&T, so as to remove the payment obstacle for more users, while in-app payments would also come sometime this quarter. Actual discovery of apps is also being streamlined, with Chu saying that Google is tweaking the Android Market search algorithm as well as investing in more people to weed through any titles that violate the ToS. There'll also be a new push for HTML5 apps, and better social integration with the Android address book which Chu described as "the best social graph."