Motorola has just released this XOOM Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet ad spot to their YouTube account, and it looks magical. Most of the commercial is one gigantic touchscreen interface where hands reach in and activate wishes and specs for the XOOM, including “software for a tablet,” sharing, webcam with Google Talk, 5 megapixel camera, HD video capture, “I want the web to be the web, without restrictions,” and more.

They tout Adobe Flash Player 10.1, “I want my tablet to be as fast as my PC,” the dual-core processor, “i want to watch movies the way the filmmaker intended,” 16:10 ratio HD display, and what appears to be the birthing of the tablet itself from the face of the gigantic touchscreen computer all of this is written on.

Something to note: they display the words “Adobe Flash Player 10.1” twice, a move intentional as the blasting funtime music playing throughout the spot. Flash Player? Heck yeah, that means I can do everything I want. That’s what people will be thinking when they see that same thing twice. Additional details provided by the video page are thus:

“Introducing MOTOROLA XOOM, the first tablet featuring Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), with front and rear cameras including HD capture, a dual core processor with 1GB of RAM for lightening quick operation, multitasking, superior graphics, and all played out on a beautiful 10.1″ HD widescreen display.”

Then of course there’s a link to the official Motorola homepage for the XOOM, a place to peek at it in all its lovely angles and gloriousness.

ALSO NOTE: this is a similar/the same version of the video that was previewed to those of you lucky enough to be in the audience at a particular keynote at CES 2011. Take a walk down memory lane and note the differences.



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