We all know it, the Verizon iPhone will officially be released to the masses on February 10. Although many are unsure what it means for the strong Android platform on Verizon, their newly announced unlimited data for $30 may just be a selling point over any other device on the network.

The plan, although only “temporary,” will offer up full unlimited 3G data to iPhone customers, similar to AT&T’s old data plan. No matter if you’re using the iPhone or a smartphone on Verizon you may notice a bit of service bumps once the iPhone hits the network, let’s just hope Verizon can handle the influx in data as they stated they could.

What do you think this means for Android users coming to the end of their contracts? Is unlimited 3G just what some want and will opt for rather than a more impressive 4G Android-based device?

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  1. I have Sprint with unlimited 4G and 3G. Who gives a shit? This means nothing to current Android owners that love their phones. If they hate Android, it also has nothing to do with their data plan.

  2. This new data plan covers any 3g smartphone, not just the iPhone. If your going to report news, report the whole thing. Shows bad reporting. This means nothing to android as they are included. With iPhone 5 coming in July, who would lock themselves into a 2 year contract, no one.

  3. Glenn, what I’m stating is how many Android users now are only with Android because of Verizon’s network? I know many who are willing to jump ship to the iPhone platform on Verizon for the sole reason of the Verizon network. If Verizon was to limit data like AT&T that’s more incentive for them to stick to Android over the iPhone.

  4. This would be a bad move for Verizon, as the backlash would hurt it more than the befits especially long term.

    Overall, iphone on Verizon, will ultimately be bad news for Verizon, as more people would leave towards Android promised land (Sprint and Tmobile). No one likes to be discriminated by a person or company that plays favorites.

  5. Yeah but who would be foolish enough to tie themselves to a 2yr with the iPhone 5 announcement coming in July. Of course they are going to stick with Android for now, no real reason to switch. And with better tech phones coming for VW and android that beat iPhone 4 specs, it would be a dumb move.

  6. IPhone, what’s that? There won’t be many android users moving to apple just for unrestricted data use. As stated above- 3g is nerving and I don’t use it very often.

    And: once you have had a tablet, 10 inch or 7 inch, in your hands, the big majority will restrict the use of 3G even more, since it’s no longer fun to be in the internet with a tiny smartphone. 95 % of my surfing I do with my tablet and WLAN at home unless I use my desktop PC.

    I think, this won’ t be very much different in the US (I’m German, sorry for my restricted English).

  7. Maybe I’m dreaming but my data plan is unlimited. I’m nit seeing what the fuss is about the iPhone. Its just drumming up more publicity to try and make sure the thing sells and this article is.helping right along with the effort. Sites are reporting any stupid tidbit of.info.they can find to simply publish an article with Verizon and iPhone in the same sentence. The manufactured hype has me wondering if they already know it’s not going to be the end all they thought it would.

  8. Dumb article, dumb writer… I have a Verizon Android smart phone and my data plan is also ONLY $30.00 unlimited …. sounds to me like you don’t know what you’re talking about or just trying to stir up shit

  9. Where do you guys come up with these ridiculous headlines? My Android phone on Verizon has $30 unlimited data right now. I could walk in there today and buy another one with the same thing. What’s the deal?

  10. I think people who like Apple will get Apple, but a lot of Android users just don’t like Apple products because of their design. So no data plan will tempt them. I know I don’t care. I like being able to use any music player I want and loading files like a drive onto my phone. That freedom of use is why I chose Android and why I stay away from anything Apple…

  11. I already have (and had for 2 years) $30 unlimited with Verizon, so why is this article stirring the pot? Anyway, true Android lovers know that the Droid Bionic 4G will be coming out anyway. If you’re really that set on Android you’ll just wait a few months longer rather than jumping ship to iPhone.

  12. My “unlimited” with Verizon only includes Internet. I wonder if their new Unlimited incudes txt and internet (currently, text is either .25/text or another $20/month.

  13. As a low end tracfone user, that likes having control over my family’s phone bill, and lives in a place where verizon is almost the only network we can get on, I’m a little concerned about the quality of my own, low-end quality of calling. If a handful of data gluttons are responsible for degrading the quality of the majority’s experience, I suggest something be done about it. I’ve been happy with the service, and quality of phoning I’ve had till now, so I don’t want anything drastic – but to wait for free market forces to bring about a more fortunate change, seems like an eternal folly.


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