Yelp adds check-in offers for Android

The Yelp app has had the ability for users to check in at their hotel for a while now, but there was no real compelling reason for folks to use that feature. A compelling reason may have finally landed for some. Yelp has added the ability for users to get discounts nearby the hotel when checking-in using the app.

Android exploit opens SD card to data theft [Video]

An Android security flaw has been identified which, if exploited, could allow unauthorized access to data saved on a user's memory card and, in some cases, on the device's own storage. Spotted by Thomas Cannon, there are certain limitations to the exploit - hackers must know the name of the files they wish to steal, not terribly difficult if you're dealing with system-named files like photos - but already the Android security team are cooking up a fix.
  • The Android browser doesn’t prompt the user when downloading a file, for example "payload.html", it automatically downloads to /sdcard/download/payload.html
  • It is possible, using JavaScript, to get this payload to automatically open, causing the browser to render the local file.
  • When opening an HTML file within this local context, the Android browser will run JavaScript without prompting the user.
  • While in this local context, the JavaScript is able to read the contents of files (and other data).
The flaw has been independently verified by, and Google says it will be rolling a fix into Android 2.3 Gingerbread. That could be released as soon as December 6 2010. Until then, be wary of unexpected downloads or HTML code in emails from users you don't know. [vimeo][/vimeo] [via rigelt]

Motorola Defy coming to Telstra in Australia

As many of you know, the Motorola Defy has been recently released throughout America and Europe, but it looks like the Defy will be heading to the down under soon. The Defy will be available from Telstra on November 30th.

Vince Reviews Droid Pro on SlashGear

Behold! The ... business side of fun? As Vince says, there are few exceptions to the idea that an Android phone has to be a candybar with a big touchscreen and either a flip-out keyboard or none at all - Droid Pro is a misfit! Droid Pro appears to take more of a BlackBerry approach with a keyboard set below the screen portrait style, how close can Android get without directly competing? Or is this direct competition? This is a Droid phone with a small 3.1-inches of screen, another 1/3rds worth of the phone taken up by keyboard, and keys that look like they and the BlackBerry Torch had the same baby mamma.