Reading on your mobile device is becoming more and more popular as we enter the digital age. Currently there are many eReader options available for Android devices but Sony is now going to enter the eBook market with their “Reader” application.

Nothing revolutionary here but another option for eBooks is always welcome. You can make bookmarks, notes and adjust font size as you read and new books will be purchased through the Reader Store.

Looks like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders and the countless other eReader apps just got another source of competition.

[Via Sony]


  1. I find this awesome… but thats because I own the Sony E-Reader Pocket edition and can now, most likely, link my libraries together, which is sweet.

    If you want an e-reader and don’t need to buy books impulsively, this is the one. It isn’t connected to any online bookstore, but connect to a computer and it uses its own store, works with all e-pub formats, easy on the eyes e-ink screen, you can download books from your local library, has a pricetag well under everybody else, and the thing has a battery life of about a month.

    I highly suggest it.


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