As the 4G wars heat up in the US, Bell Mobility is set to launch their Novatel Wireless U547 data stick in Canada on November 23rd. Bringing in real world speeds of 7-14Mbps and being able to work in the Toronto market which will boast up to 42Mbps, the Novatel U547 is the first HSPA+ device of its kind in Canada.

The stick will cost $199.95 retail but there has been no word yet on if subsidizing will be available. There will also be a $10 per month charge if you want blazing fast speeds, users who do not pay the extra premium will have their devices topping off at 21Mbps.

This is a good taste of how fast the T-Mobile 4G network will get as time progresses and we enter 2011. However, no word from T-Mobile has been said if they’re planning on charging a premium to access faster speeds like Bell has done.

[Via BGR]