Verizon to Host 4G LTE Event on December 1

This is the sort of meeting you go to and sit with your hands on your face and listen to the lovely Verizon representatives tell you all about their connectedness. In this event Verizon plans on detailing how it will roll out its high-speed network. It should be wild, as they're still promising a 38 major area coverage range with their LTE before the end of 2010.

Google Holiday Party Invites Sent to Members of the Media

Oh joyous day, a Google party! What will they have, candy? Cookies? Eggnog? Wait a moment - what holiday-themed Google-related treasure is due to be released in the very near future? Maybe they WILL have cookies - of the Gingerbread variety? On the other hand, take heed of that "off the record" comment there in the line about informality in this invite. That might mean it's just all hugs and apple cider. Either way, fun!

Android Tablets in 5-inch and 8-inch Sizes Offered Up by View Quest in the UK

Should you be in the UK by chance and would like yourself an Android tablet in either the 5-or-8-inch sizes, you could just ask View Quest for a bit of help. The Slate5 (800×480 screen resolution) and Slate8 (800×600 screen resolution) both have the same 600MHz RockChip CPU, 2GB Flash, microSD card slot, Wifi, resistive touchscreen interface, and Android 1.5.

Verizon Pastes iPhone Maps App into Droid X Ad

Woopsie! Looks like a graphic designer working with Verizon is about to have their wrist slapped as they've got a Motorola Droid X ad up promoting Google Maps voice guided feature - but with the wrong image on the screen. Take a close look and note that the nearby BlackBerry Storm2 is, indeed, running the correct version of Slacker radio.

RPG Zenonia 3 Available in Android Market in Korea

Or maybe I should say in Korean. Folks over at XDA forums are reporting the availability of super sweet mobile-based role playing game Zenonia 3, supposedly only available for iOS at the beginning of 2011, now up on Android Market - right now! This is super exciting for those who've beat the first two versions by sitting in their basements and playing for 40 hours straight. For those of you unfamiliar with games such as this, this game can be generally compared to one of the most successful game franchises in the history of the world: Final Fantasy.

Samsung GT-i9200 snapshots caught on Picasa

Samsung's rumored GT-i9200 is cropping up in the wild again, though this time it's keeping behind the scenes. Several photos have been found on online gallery Picasa which are listed as having been taken with the GT-i9200. None of the shots seem to have been taken at full resolution, and several are listed as "tests" of the upload functionality. According to previous rumors, the GT-i9200 will have a dual-core processor and will be the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S. [via Samsung Hub]

Angry Birds on Android Downloads 7M copies

Of all the games that you can play on a smartphone one of the best I have tried is Angry Birds. The game is very simple, but it is really cool and a ton of fun. My daughter runs off with my phone all the time to play it.
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