Of all the games that you can play on a smartphone one of the best I have tried is Angry Birds. The game is very simple, but it is really cool and a ton of fun. My daughter runs off with my phone all the time to play it.

Angry Birds is also coming to game consoles like the Wii. It hasn’t been too long since Angry Birds landed for the first time on Android devices and despite low end devices having an issue with the game in some instances, the title has sold very well.

The developer of the game Rovio Mobile and announced that the game has now downloaded 7 million copies on the Android device alone. The Halloween themed version sold a million copies in 6-days alone on iOS so it’s very popular on multiple platforms.


  1. What are you talking about? The Halloween version was iOS only… This is the second time an article here has appeared to claim otherwise, and I don’t get it. Googling Angry Birds Halloween Android only gets complaints that it wasn’t available.

  2. I don’t know why I bother visiting this site anymore. The writers on this site are always days late and always slaughter the story. Hey Shane, let your daughter have your iPhone and get an Android phone so you know what you are talking about!

  3. How about fixing the part where you are misleading the readers that Angry Birds for Android actually cost money? How do you sell 7 million of something that is free? You have a link with the text “sold 7 million copies” pointing to an article that clearly states “downloaded by seven million people”. If you are going to paraphrase an entire article, at least read the story and understand it and not just mindlessly interchange words. You honestly do not use an Android device do you? You write articles like a true iPhone user. Save yourself from anymore embarrassing comments and just delete the article.

  4. No reason to “chill out”. People in America are struggling to find jobs, yet this moron can write a completely worthless article? What a load of crap. This isn’t research or journalism. It’s a steaming pile of crap.

  5. Please advise me as to why since you’ve added advertisements to my version of Angry Birds that it “locks up” the screen so the game is no longer playable until you recycle your phone (android). However, today it not only locked up the screen, but when I tried to use the “force close” screen – it was frozen. Then it shut my phone completely down and I had to take the case off and remove the battery to my phone for thirty seconds before I could restart it. I enjoy this game (even though it is a big drain on my battery) more than all the others I have on my phone. However, I will remove the game if you cannot get back to me reasonably quick with a workable “fix.” Thank you, edd


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