Vodafone Announces Android “945” Smart Phone

Yesterday we heard that Vodafone was releasing 3 new phones, one of them the 945 is an update to it’s own 845 launched earlier this year. The phone itself is an self-branded, competitively priced, Android smartphone. Shipping with 2.1, it’s not the most up to date phone software wise but hopefully that will change.

More details surface on Amazon’s Android App Store via Distribution Agreement leak

While Amazon still has not made an official word of their plans stepping into the Application Market, an App Store Distribution Agreement has been sent out. The terms and conditions are pretty thorough and similar to what we heard a few days back. Among them, the royalties for app placement in the store is “equal to the greater of (i) 70% of the purchase price or (ii) 20% of the List Price.”

7-inch Dell tablet due in weeks; 3- and 4-inch models soon after

Dell's 7-inch Android tablet is expected to launch within the next few weeks, according to Dell Greater China President Amit Midha, who confirmed the slate's launch to the WSJ.  The tablet is a larger version of the Dell Streak, though according to early leaks will use NVIDIA's Tegra chipset rather than the Streak's Snapdragon. However, while we've also been hearing mutterings of a larger, 10-inch slate from Dell, that's not necessarily going to run Android.  Midha confirmed that the bigger tablet is due in 6-12 months, but said that Dell will be using Windows for some devices and has even been testing Google Chrome OS as another possibility. Before then, though, there will be 3- and 4-inch devices, likely falling into Dell's smartphone line-up. [via SlashGear]

Developer agreement for Amazon’s Android app store leaks

Amazon's rumored Android App Store has had a shot in the arm this morning, with the suppose developer T&Cs leaking to SlashGear.  Although the store has not yet been officially confirmed by Amazon, the document does set out the various royalty details we've previously heard about, together with the retailer's DRM demands. For instance, while developers can choose whether or not to allow users of their apps to install them on one, more, or an unlimited number of devices, they don't get a choice as to whether or not to include the DRM.  Amazon also reserve the right to edit the original binaries, and to maintain copies even if the developer later opts out of the program.

Droidrover uses Nexus One to control NASA rover [Video]

We love Android, we love remote-control toys, and so this Droidrover project presses all the right buttons.  You can't really describe it as a toy, though; it's actually the handiwork of several of the team at NASA Ames Research. Basically, they're remotely-controlling a Senseta rover from a Google Nexus One, with an Arduino and Bluetooth in-between.  The Arduino and Android pairing apparently makes for a much smaller controller bundle, which in turn means the rover is lighter, more manoeuvrable and uses less power.  It's also a reasonably priced alternative; including a Nexus One, it all came to under $600 (though that doesn't include the rover itself). [youtube XxhBE7ghcxk] [Thanks mdNomad!]

iControlPad Will Work With Android Devices Via BlueTooth

It has now been confirmed that the physical button, mobile gaming keypad - the iControlPad - will support Android devices equipped with Bluetooth. It used to be expected that the device will ship with a dock connector to connect to iPhones and iPod Touches, but ever since Apple’s showdown with Hypermac, they have decided to go with Bluetooth to avoid licensing issues.

4 Free Phones At Best Buy Every Friday In October

Today at it’s Holiday Preview event in New York, Best Buy announced a bold phone selling strategy for the month of October. Beginning the first of October, Best Buy will be offering 4 phones, one for each carrier, free of charge. The phones will, of course, require a new two-year agreement.

Amazon Also Planning on releasing a tablet

Yesterday we covered Amazon’s apparent plans to venture into the App Store market, it was also said that they may be releasing a tablet soon after. Alongside the upcoming store will be a tablet release directly competing with the iPad, this of course, filling the gap that the Kindle has in competition with the famed Apple tablet.

MIUI Android ROM overhauls UI with iPhone/TouchWiz/Sense inspiration [Video]

Take a pinch of iPhone, a dash of Sense, a sprinkling of TouchWiz and mix it all up in Android, and you might get the MIUI ROM.  Currently wowing with its combination of slick icons, straightforward multitasking and general visual niceness, the new ROM completely overhauls the UI. More information at xda-developers together with download links, and the Android Community guys are already talking about MIUI here.  Anybody tempted? [youtube Or-9T44Bt7M] [Thanks Ewdi!]
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