It has now been confirmed that the physical button, mobile gaming keypad – the iControlPad – will support Android devices equipped with Bluetooth. It used to be expected that the device will ship with a dock connector to connect to iPhones and iPod Touches, but ever since Apple’s showdown with Hypermac, they have decided to go with Bluetooth to avoid licensing issues.

They need a bit of help getting everything ready for production, and they are looking for knowledgeable developers to lend a hand and help they get Bluetooth working.

“Due to apple starting to sue people using their iPhone dock connector we are having to reveal a little secret.

The iControlpad has a Bluetooth chip in it – we planned to add support for this in good time mainly for Android devices.

However due to us now having to drop the iPhone dock connection we need help in making this work now.

Simple question, would SPP protocol ever work on the iPhone? “

If you have any knowledge that may be of use, or just want to check out the discussion, you can check out the forum post here.

We will soon be able to game on our Android devices like an actual Mobile Gaming platform, fingers crossed!

[Via SlashGear]