Two weeks ago Motorola announced it’s upcoming ultra durable phone, the Defy. The device is advertised as “designed to handle everything that life throws your way” and is looking very durable, but how durable is it really? Well the fine folks over at Expansys decided to give it a few tests to see if it could handle what they threw it’s way, the result: it did.

Now if you have ever handled a fragile mobile phone, e.g. the iPhone 4, you know just how careful you need to be with expensive handheld devices. It’s nice to know that this phone can actually take a beating.

Although the drop in the video wasn’t very high, most phones would have survived, but it’s nice to know that if you do eventually slip up your Defy can hold up to your beating, even if that means dropping it in some water.

Check out the video below which features the durability tests as well as a brief software walkthrough:


[Via EuroDroid]



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