Yesterday we covered Amazon’s apparent plans to venture into the App Store market, it was also said that they may be releasing a tablet soon after. Alongside the upcoming store will be a tablet release directly competing with the iPad, this of course, filling the gap that the Kindle has in competition with the famed Apple tablet.

Not much news has been heard about this tablet, but coming from Amazon we can expect an array of features such as Amazon MP3 integration, a native Kindle app, access to the thousands of eBook’s the Kindle Store as to offer, as well as a lot of features hardware wise.

Interestingly enough the Kindle runs Amazon’s own software, where the upcoming tablet will run Android. This leaves a lot of possibilities for the tablet and will allow them to further focus on hardware and integration with their array of services. More information is expected soon as we hear more about the Amazon App Store so stay tuned!

[Via TechCrunch]