Android users are largely male, statistics show 73%

Statistics show that 73% of Android users are male, whereas on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and webOS platforms, there is far less skew on either side.  The conclusions come from analytics firm Admob’s January report, which also includes several other studies .

Motorola Devour for Verizon Unboxing and hands-on

Motorola have just delivered their eighth Android device, the Motorola DEVOUR, and the latest to hit Verizon's network in the US. As we discovered in our brief hands-on at MWC 2010 last week, the DEVOUR's high-quality extruded aluminum body goes a long way to making up for its somewhat blocky style; read on for more first-impressions.

Recognizr uses facial recognition for social network links [Video]

Face recognition on Android isn't exactly new - the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10, when it finally goes on sale, will be able to identify people in photos and link them to their Contacts entries - but a new app promises facial recognition for all Android devices.  Recognizr is the handiwork of The Astonishing Tribe, and its gimmick is that it can ID people and link them not only to information on your phone, but to their various online social network and blog identities. Currently in proof-of-concept stage, there are a few caveats to bear in mind.  Most pressing is that anyone you want to "scan" with Recognizr has to have also registered with the system before they can show up.  That's not particularly surprising, when you think about it; there's no public-access database of faces linked to social networks which it could build upon. A public release is expected in the next few months. [youtube][/youtube] [via technabob]

Synchronize Google Voice with Your GPS Location

How would you like to sync your Android device's Google Voice to your current location? Well with there's a way for you to do this now. Google Voice locations use cell tower triangulation to switch your ringing Google Voice phones on the fly.

blapkmarket: Gone for Now

Android app pirating legend Jesusxxx, has received a letter demanding him to shut down his repository of paid apps that he offers for free. This guy for has been providing apps that normally cost money for a total of zero dollars, he has a huge cult following of "cheapskates" that visit his site often.

Fully working Quake 2 and 3 ported to Droid

AndroidandMe, conducted Android bounty competition which they set some parameters for developers to go away and make some applications for Android. In return they would offer a developer $90 if they fulfilled the parameters and were the first to do so. The second set of parameters included porting Quake II to Android.
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