One of the new features that was introduced to Android with the release of the Nexus One and Android 2.1 was the voice to text input. This feature has now been duplicated and is available now for all Android devices. The folks over at Better Android has just released Better Keyboard V5.0.

This has always been the most popular alternative to the stock keyboard, it has a bunch of different skins available and it offers users just another option to customize their phone to their liking. Some of the new features are:

* Redesigned speech input feature. No longer have to long-press the button.
* Speech input remains on until you hit cancel, which is great for dictating entire paragraphs. This can be toggled in the settings.
* Speech engine understands punctuation for proper dictation.

Head over to the Android Market and pick this amazing app up or, scan the qr code and get it directly.

[via androidcentral]