Motorola Sholes Android phone tipped for October Verizon launch

What looks set to be Verizon Wireless' first Android handset, the Motorola Sholes, has been tipped for a release in late October.  The Motorola Sholes Android smartphone is expected to have a full touchscreen display that slides aside to reveal a QWERTY keyboard. The leaked Verizon roadmap does not, unfortunately, have pricing details for the Motorola Sholes, but the Android device has previously been tipped as an entry- to -mid-range device so we're expecting something at around the $99 price point.  That's unconfirmed speculation right now, however. Android Community will likely find out more, though, at Motorola's press event on September 10th, where the company is expected to unveil its new range of Google phones.  We're fully expecting to see the Motorola Sholes Android smartphone center stage. [via SlashGear]

Motorola Android event on September 10th: AC will be there

Motorola have given Android Community and our sibling-site SlashGear a heads-up to save September 10th for what certainly looks to be an Android announcement.  The event, to be held in San Francisco, would seem to be in aid of launching Motorola's first Android smartphones, potentially the much-leaked Morrison and Sholes. There are no details from Motorola themselves as to what's scheduled for the event, beyond the Android logo on the invitation itself.  However given the various leaks about entry- to mid-range Android-based Motorola handsets over the past few months, plus the company's own admission that they've been working on Android devices, it seems a fair assumption that this is the ailing company's attempt to get back into the spotlight. You can bet that Android Community will be there in San Francisco on September 10th to cover all the new announcements, but until then we'll be scouring the rumor-mill to see if we can catch a jump on what may be heading up the show.

Asus Android netbook may be on hold

Just when we thought that Android was set to make its way into all sorts of devices from PMPs to netbooks, the OS hits a bit of a roadblock. Android is apparently stumbling ahead of a launch on netbook computers. Asus was eyeing entering into the Android market with a netbook that would run the open source OS. PC World reports that the Android netbook appears to be stalled. Asus CEO Jerry Shen says that it sees no clear market for smartbooks either.

Rhapsody app for Android coming

Before I switched to a device that didn’t support Rhapsody, I loved the service. If they could get it to work on my iPhone, I would subscribe again. Apparently, an iPhone app has been submitted for Rhapsody and an application for Android devices is in the works. That would mean that Android fans could use Rhapsody's to go service where you can grab all the tunes you want and keep them as long as you pay the monthly fee.

AT&T’s first Android device could be scrubbed

AT&T is the country's second largest mobile carrier and the exclusive carrier for the iPhone. While a few of the other major carriers are already offering Android or have Android phones coming, AT&T has not yet rolled one out or announced concrete plans. The cynic in me says this is because the poor quality of the AT&T network is already taxed with the iPhone alone and adding a second popular smartphone may be the proverbial straw that breaks the network's back. The Washington Post cites sources that are familiar with AT&T's Android plans as saying that the network's first Android device may be delayed or cancelled altogether. The first device is said to be the HTC Lancaster, and it has yet to pass AT&Ts reviews process.

Google unveils audio search engine for Android

It makes sense with a smartphone to listen to lots of audio content. Audio content for many users isn't limited to music though. Podcasts are a big thing for many smartphone users and Google has unveiled a way to find even more podcasts to enjoy from your Android device. Google has announced Google Listen, described as an audio search engine and it acts as a podcast manager. Using the app, you can subscribe to audio feeds and download new content over the air. The app has its own search bar where you can enter a term for a type of podcast you are looking for.

Samsung InstinctQ images leaked

Android smartphones are going to be coming out in increasing numbers over the next few months as manufacturers put devices onto the market to meet demand and for the coming holiday shopping season. Many of the new handsets coming will be Android based. We have heard a bit about the Samsung InstinctQ before when its Wi-Fi cert surfaced. The device has been spied in more leaked images that clearly show the handset will be Android powered. The device has a sliding QWERTY keyboard, and is the first in the Instinct line to offer that feature.

Cloud Telecomputers uses Android for desktop smartphones

Phone makers are trying just about everything to get business users and consumers to continue to use landline phone service. One of the tricks that many landline service providers are using to get people to keep service is offer home phones that are more like mobile smartphones with their feature set. Cloud Telecomputers has unveiled a new desktop smartphone platform called Glass that uses the Android operating system. The platform is SIP compatible and delivers an attractive user interface on an 8-inch color touchscreen.

Spotify app available for Android

The majority of smartphones on the market are capable of playing music today. The devices are replacing dedicated MP3 players for many users as more devices converge into the smartphone feature set. One of the services that many consumers like to use on smartphones are streaming music applications. One of the more popular streaming music applications is Spotify in the UK. While an official Spotify is still not available, a new third party app is.

RadioShack now offering myTouch 3G

It hasn't been very long since T-Mobile and RadioShack tied up to sell T-mobile handsets in RadioShack's 4000 retail locations around the country. The move doubled the number of retail locations that T-Mobile has in the country. T-Mobile and RadioShack have announced that the myTouch 3G is now available at RadioShack retail outlets around the country and in Puerto Rico. The smartphone is the premier Android device on the T-Mobile network.
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