AT&T is the country’s second largest mobile carrier and the exclusive carrier for the iPhone. While a few of the other major carriers are already offering Android or have Android phones coming, AT&T has not yet rolled one out or announced concrete plans. The cynic in me says this is because the poor quality of the AT&T network is already taxed with the iPhone alone and adding a second popular smartphone may be the proverbial straw that breaks the network’s back.

The Washington Post cites sources that are familiar with AT&T’s Android plans as saying that the network’s first Android device may be delayed or cancelled altogether. The first device is said to be the HTC Lancaster, and it has yet to pass AT&Ts reviews process.

The delay in passing the reviews process has reportedly set AT&T and HTC back. The delay will allow more Android competition to the market first with Verizon and Sprint set to launch new Android phones in October.

[via Washington Post]