The mobile system-on-chip market might soon get a bit more competitive, if not more diverse. ZTE is believed to be the latest device manufacturer who will be making its own processor to ship in its devices. It will even be an octa-core chip.

There seems to be a bit of an exodus away from long time mobile processor leaders such as Qualcomm and MediaTek. Samsung, while also using Qualcomm’s processors on a large number of its devices, has been designing its own ARM-based Exynos chip, the latest of which is expected to be unveiled in a few days with Heterogeneous Multi Processing (HMP) in tow. Following in its rival’s footsteps, LG has also been said to soon announce its own processor, the LG Odin.

Now ZTE is said to be joining in on the SoC fun and it will be outing an octa-core processor of its own, currently named the WiseFone 7550s. A lot of pieces of this puzzle are still missing at this point. It is unknown whether ZTE will be following MediaTek’s lead and implement a “true octa-core“, or if it will be employing a more tested big.LITTLE ARM architecture, comprised of four low-power Cortex A7’s and four high performance Cortex A15’s, currently used by Samsung.

Even if the rumors are indeed based on fact rather than fiction, we may still not hear about it soon. Although ZTE is expected to unveil a number of devices at CES 2014 next week, this rumored octa-core WiseFone 7550s isn’t scheduled to be revealed to the public until the Mobile World Congress in February.

VIA: phoneArena, Gizchina