ZTE has become the latest company to drop some teasers ahead of CES. The show officially opens on January 7th, however there are some events that will take place a bit sooner. And while we have yet to learn when ZTE plans to make their announcements, we do have a good idea of what can be expected.

The line is that ZTE will be unveiling a “wide array of high-tech devices” during CES 2014. There was mention of that array including smartphones and tablets as well as phablets, hotspots and “other devices.” The others will include the Blue Watch which seems like it will be a cross between a smartwatch and fitness bracelet.

According to ZTE, the Blue Watch will feature a built-in pedometer, and other quantified self information such as body fat percentage. The watch pairs with a smartphone using Bluetooth and according to ZTE, that means “on-wrist control of calls, content, photography, and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.” Another device in the other category includes a Wireless Home Base that is heading to AT&T and a Projector Hotspot which features (as the name would imply) a built-in projector and mobile hotspot.

As for that phablet, here ZTE has said they will be unveiling their “very first Iconic Phablet.” This one will measure in with a 5.7-inch HD display and be powered by a quad-core processor. The ZTE phablet will also have Gorilla Glass, Dolby Digital and wireless charging.

Otherwise, ZTE also mentioned the Grand S II which is being teased as a “high-precision voice phone.” Some of the remaining devices include the nubia 5S and nubia 5S mini as well as the Sonata 4G which will be heading to Aio Wireless with a 4-inch display, Snapdragon 400 processor and 5 megapixel rear-facing camera.

SOURCE: Business Wire


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