ZTE has announced their latest device related milestone. They are celebrating the 15th anniversary of their terminals division and the production of the 500 millionth handset. While 500 million is a rather large number, it seems the point they seem to be pushing is that they are the “first Chinese mobile device brand” to reach this milestone. As part of this ZTE had an anniversary event in Bejing and coming as a result, we have some details of future plans.

To begin with, ZTE has they are going to be doing some additional international promotion moving forward. Specifically, ZTE has said they will be promoting the Grand S (pictured above) and the Grand Memo on an international basis “in the near future.” There weren’t any specifics as to which markets they would be focusing on though.

Other details from the ZTE event revealed how they will be focusing on a “three-pronged strategy” moving forward. This will include a focus on on boutique products as well as branding and marketing. Part of this will include ZTE devoting increased resources on high-end markets such as the United States and Europe.

Touching back on the 500 million number and we have also learned how it took ZTE a full 10 years to reach the 100 million mark. In other words, they needed 10 years to do 100 million and then only five years to go from 100 million to 500 million. Furthermore, ZTE also doesn’t seem ready to rest on this milestone and in fact have said they are looking to reach a global top-3 position within three years.

[via Business Wire]


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